‘Lockwood & Co.’ Ending Explained

Netflix’s highly captivating supernatural series Lockwood & Co. leaves viewers with a most gripping cliffhanger. The show follows Lucy, a young teen from a broken home who joins an independent agency of supernatural investigators. Together with her two partners, she investigates hauntings and other paranormal phenomena in London. Despite some misgivings about the supernatural, Lucy soon becomes entrenched in Lockwood & Co’s strange world, eventually discovering that mysteries are not all they seem.

The series finale of Lockwood & Co. really leaves the audience with a sense of suspense and alarm. After finding out the truth about their cases, Lucy and her team must decide whether to stay with Lockwood & Co., or leave it behind forever. Things take an unexpected turn when they stumble across a powerful artifact that could either save them, or put them in more danger than they ever imagined.

The suspenseful ending of Lockwood & Co. only makes us more excited for its second season. While we can’t wait to find out what happens next, we have to be patient and just hope that the show will return soon. Until then, we’ll just have to rewatch the first season and savor every moment of this suspenseful supernatural thriller.

If you haven’t seen Lockwood & Co., make sure to check it out on Netflix! You won’t regret it – the show is full of intriguing mysteries, captivating characters, and a thrilling plot. Whether you’re a fan of supernatural dramas or just looking for something new to watch, this show is sure to satisfy your craving for suspense.

Every night, the bravest and most talented teenage ghost-hunters of London set off into a thrilling adventure in search of evil spirits. They risk their lives to battle these supernatural entities for justice. Amidst the many corporate agencies run by adults, stands one remarkable startup: Lockwood & Co., a renegade trio consisting of two teenage boys and a psychically adept girl. Unlike other companies, this team is motivated not by money or adult supervision – but rather determined to unravel an enigma that could alter history’s trajectory.

Lockwood & Co. Plot’s Summary

Lucy Carlyle and Lockwood have entered the home of an elderly woman, with a mission to rid it of its ghostly inhabitant. Upon questioning why they do not have adult supervision as is required by law for operatives in training, they respond that such guidance isn’t necessary at present. Lucy and Lockwood explain that they are able to handle the situation, as they have been trained in “ghost-hunting.”

The woman is skeptical of their abilities, but nonetheless allows them to proceed with what she believes will be a fruitless endeavor. She warns them not to expect too much; she had already hired a team of ghost hunters and they had failed to get rid of her “house guest.”

As nightfall approaches and the ghost arises, Lucy discerns its true strength; it is a Type Two specter. This apparition is different since Lucy can almost make out what it’s trying to communicate. When the spirit attempts to assault her, she teeters on the brink of plummeting from the first floor. Clinging for dear life while Lockwood rallies against this supernatural force in an attempt to protect them both.

Three years ago, when Lucy was just a naive 13-year-old girl, her heartless mother dropped her off at an agency to be trained as a ghost hunter. Despite the fact that she pleaded with her mom not to leave, the promise of extra money seemed too tempting for her mother. At this strange new place, Lucy found solace in Norrie; their friendship quickly blossomed into something much more – they became like family. Here they learned how to protect themselves from ghosts using iron and silver weapons such as rapiers and salt bombs. Every agent is always prepared with an iron blade for any potential spooks.

It remains a mystery how the world was altered, but years ago ghastly specters began to intrude upon cities in the evening and slaughter innocent people. This phenomenon quickly became known as ‘the Problem.’


Lucy is a uniquely talented teenager with the power to detect ghosts. As she advances through grade school, her capabilities become more refined; once she completes fourth grade, Lucy will be officially certified as an agent entrusted to protect against malevolent spirits. Containing or eliminating their source can help eradicate them completely and prevent further suffering from hauntings.

Lockwood & Co. Ending Explained

As the second half of Lockwood & Co.’s season one unfolded, a thrilling competition ensued between our protagonists and Fittes’s rival team in pursuit of an ancient relic referred to as “the Bone Glass.” George had unfortunately stumbled upon the glass mirror which then caused him to become hypnotized or captivated by its mysterious allure.

After going on a lot of dangerous missions, the team figured out that Victorian occultist Edmund Bickerstaff made the mysterious Bone Glass using a bunch of evil rituals.

Unfortunately, this came at a cost when it was discovered that one of Lockwood’s agents, Holly Munro, had been taken hostage by Fittes in exchange for the bone glass. With the brave team’s

Lockwood and Lucy take a dangerous risk sneaking into the Fittes library and Black Market auction, while George closes in on Pamela Joplin – the cemetery’s head researcher. It turns out that Ms. Joplin had been secretly orchestrating every step of this plan: from arranging for the iron coffin to be excavated, to employing relic men with orders to steal it for her own gain. Carver betrayed Lucy by selling the Bone Glass to Black Market king Winkman, so in response she took matters into her own hands and killed Carver. In order to retrieve the coveted object, Lockwood and Lucy stole it back at an auction where the Golden Blade was bidding for it as a part of Penelope Fittes’ plan for some mysterious harp corporation.

Displeased with Lockwood and Lucy, George decides to deliver the Bone Glass to Ms. Joplin instead of taking it to the authorities as previously agreed upon. She subsequently invites him to a ceremony in a graveyard intended for her sinister plan involving him and his special “talent” when using the mirror connected with Bone Glass. Fortunately, thanks to assistance from Whispering Skull – an experienced Type Three ghost who used be Bickerstaff’s acolyte – Lucy is able locate them quickly enough; thus saving George by offering herself as an even more powerful seer.


Lucy then employs the Whispering Skull to observe the Bone Glass, and what she sees terrifies even him. He informs Lucy that something is amiss and that rather than functioning as a conduit of eternity, it instead serves as an entrapment for souls. In order to rescue her, George destroys the Bone Glass completely. Unfortunately Ms Joplin goes near the brokenBone Glass nonetheless only to be overwhelmed by its contents; thus ultimately resulting in her destruction from witnessing such darkness.

As Lockwood & Co. work together with Fittes to defeat the relic men, Winkman is successfully captured. Just as this occurs, The Golden Blade appears and shoots Lockwood – but not before revealing that his parents’ demise was actually quite minor in comparison to a particular “harp” organization’s secret agenda.

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