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12 Summer Nails Ideas to Try Out in this vacation

As the sun stays out longer, our social media feeds become more vibrant, and we are excited to update our style, especially with our summer nails! Summer is the perfect time to get creative with different nail styles and trends. Your manicure can be a great way to express yourself. Here are some top summer nail ideas and designs for 2024 to inspire your next salon visit or DIY session.

Imagine your nails as a canvas ready to be painted with the most vibrant colors and trendy designs this summer. These nail ideas are like a fun message saying “Out of Office” while also bringing some sunshine to your Mondays. And don’t worry, we’ll share some tips and tricks so you can easily recreate these looks at home.

Source: instagram/nonnailartist

This nail design is great for those who like to express themselves through their manicures with a contemporary touch. The vibrant colors and unique patterns definitely make a statement.

Source: instagram/nailsbymonka

This nail design would be ideal for someone who likes to have a mix of eye-catching and understated features in their manicure. The vibrant pink nails offer a bold splash of color while the glitter gradient nails bring in a hint of glamour and class.

The bold choice of color for the red nails highlights the wearer’s confidence and personality, while the glitter adds an element of sophistication.

Source: X/maxelleila

This nail design is inspired by the intricate flower design which will sound appealing.

Feel feminine and pretty with these delicate floral designs.


Embracing your inner diva with these pink glitter nails.

Love your blue and white nail design and feel chic and trendy!


When in doubt, add sparkle! 💫 Loving the glamorous combo of a pink manicure.


Feel fierce with this fabulous nail design!


Become obsessed with pink and white nails!


Love how this blue and white nails perfectly complement you.

Feel like a boss with multicolor nails and make work fun.

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