Esthalla Ortiz Net Worth: 5 Facts About Her

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Esthalla Ortiz is a renowned social media influencer and YouTube content creator, she gained notoriety as the mother of the ‘Familia Diamond channel’. She is known for her personality which has attracted millions of followers across various social media platforms. It’s no surprise that their videos receive millions of views within days of being uploaded. … Read more

AJ Shabeel net worth: What is his income in 2024?

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AJ Shabeel is a renowned YouTuber well recognized for the videos on his own channel. She gained even more exposure and collaborated with other popular YouTubers. His regularly humorous films which feature basketball competitions, pranks, and challenge completions who have helped him become more well-known there. He would join YouTube’s Beta Squad in 2019. What … Read more

Is JoCat Leaving YouTube? “I Like Girls” Controversy Explored


JoCat is an American animator, illustrator, musician and YouTuber who is best known for his comedic guides on video and tabletop games. He gained popularity on YouTube with his series “Crap Guide” which is his most popular and longest running series. Crap Guide is a sarcastic comedic guide to character classes, races, and general gameplay … Read more

Zuckles Arrested: How Old Is He?


Mason Bradford better known online as Zuckles who is an Australian YouTuber most recognized for his gameplay videos, which consist of Let’s Plays and walkthroughs for various survival games, such as Fortnite and Rust. Along with Fitz, SwaggerSouls, McCreamy, Toby on the Tele, and INoToRiOuS, he is a participant in the Misfits. His birthplace is … Read more