Alana Martina Age: Loving Daughter Of Cristiano Ronaldo and model Georgina Rodríguez

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Alana Martina is an American kid who was born to a wealthy family and reputed parents. She is best known as the daughter for being the daughter of international soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo and model Georgina Rodríguez.


She has passed on the good looks and talent from her parents. With Ronaldo as her father, she is sure to have a bright future in the world of sports.

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Growing up in a rich home, Alana Martina is educated to the finest things in life and is set to enjoy a life of luxury and opportunities. Cute little princes in on Instagram where her user name is ‘alanamartinar‘. She has 122K followers, as in Oct 2023.

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Who Is Alana Martina?

Alana Martina birth name is, Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro. Born on 12 Nov, 2017, she is 05 years old, as on 2023. Almost immediately after the twins were born, Cristiano revealed Georgina Rodriguez was expecting expanding their family from one to four children.

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Her great grandparents are Filomena Aveiro, Maria Angela Spinola da Viveiros, José Viveiros and Humberto Cirilo Aveiro. Also, her grandparents are Maria Dolores dos Santos Viveiros da Aveiro and José Dinis Aveiro. She has a uncle, Hugo dos Santos Aveiro.

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In an interview with Hola magazine (via People), Cristiano Ronaldo told,

“We both chose the name. Cristiano chose Alana and I chose Martina. We decided to give her both names that each of us chose. We thought it was even more special.”

Alana Martina Graces The Cover Of Magazine iHola!

Alana Martina appeared on the cover of an issue of iHola! magazine with her mother, in 2017. In the stunning photoshoot, Alana Martina, the daughter of football star Cristiano Ronaldo and model Georgina Rodriguez, looks absolutely adorable.


The little fashionista is seen wearing a stylish pink dress, her big brown eyes beguile the camera. With her parents’ good looks, it’s no wonder Alana Martina has already become a star in her own right.


How Many Siblings Does Alana Martina Have?

As of 2023, Alana Martina has five siblings. She has two older half-brothers, Mateo Ronaldo (born on 8 June 2017) and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., and a half-sister named Eva María (born on 8 June 2017). Her sister, Bella Esmeralda dos Santos youngest daughter of Cristiano (born on 18 April 2022).

Alana Martina brother Angel dos Santos Aveiro died during birth who was the twin brother of Bella. But, Bella survived and he lost his life. It took a week after bringing Georgina home to inform the other children of Angel’s death. Along with raising the player’s three other children, he and Georgina are parents to two of their biological children.


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