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Who Was Andrew Chabrol? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife & Navy Case

Andrew Chabrol was the 204th person executed in the United States since 1976. Dateline NBC has yet to report the whole detail of Melissa Harrington Navy case.

On the 9th of July 1991 Melissa Harrington, a boatswain’s mate of second class was abducted from her house and later discovered dead at the house of the perpetrator. The accused criminal Andrew Chabrol, a former Navy lieutenant, was given the death penalty. He was electrocuted to death.

Who is Andrew Chabrol?

Andrew Chabrol is a former Navy lieutenant who was killed by electrocution. He abducted and brutally tortured Melissa Harrington before killing her at his house in 1991.

The Washington Post reported that the man wanted to establish an affair with her while employed within the Navy. However, she was not interested in his proposal and expressed her displeasure with his boss.

The result was that it impacted his career as well as the marriage. The result was that Harrington quit the Navy in the month of January in 1991 and began to plan revenge. Then, he kept a journal on his computer where Harrington was identified as”Nemesis.”

He was then assisted by of a third man, Stanley J. Berkeley, who assisted him in abducting her while her husband was away from town.

The woman was brought to his home, tied to his bed and beaten. If she attempted to fight her way out, her head was secured with the duct tape and she had to be strangled by the help of a rope.

So, the police were able to arrest him on murder charges and the jury convicted him to death.

Updates On Melissa Harrington Navy Case

The murder trial that involved Melissa Harrington from the Navy is taking a new direction. A former lieutenant was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, although it was found guilty of misconduct, kidnapping and murder.

In addition, he gets an honorary flag at his grave each Memorial Day, which is an ongoing injustice for the BM2 Harrington. Some internet users believe that he doesn’t deserve these honors since he’s the convicted criminal.

Therefore the petition was launched to have him removed from the cemetery. This will demonstrate that the military is committed to women’s security. There are 10,470 petitions that have been signed.

Has Dateline Covered The Melissa Harrington Navy Case?

Dateline hasn’t been able to cover in the Mellisa Harrington naval case. But, the case deserves an appearance on TV.

Many internet users have also asked for the NBC Dateline to cover the incident.

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