Who Is Angela Delvecchio Aka Bernadette Protti?


Bernadette Protti murdered Kirsten Costas, a popular cheerleader and multitalented Miramonte High School student from California, in 1984. Bernadette was not only jealous of but also bitter and envious that she had been overlooked for the cheerleading squad or the yearbook committee.

Costas was lured away from his residence by Protti, who made up a lie about a party on the day of the crime. When Kirsten got out of her vehicle because she thought something was wrong, Protti pursued her home and stabbed her there. But the tale expands into additional dimensions later on. Continue reading to learn more. Who Is Angela Delvecchio Aka Bernadette Protti?

Where Is Angela Delvecchio Today?

Angela Delvecchio now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and kid. She is still notorious for her heinous act of murdering a young girl named Kirsten Marina Costas in 1984. Protti legally changed her name and departed to another location to start a new family following the traumatic incident. She was incarcerated for nine years before beginning her own life, but she was released on parole after seven years.

When Kirsten Costas, a popular and attractive cheerleader, was discovered dead, Sheriff’s deputies were searching for the girl who had stabbed her. On the day after the murder, rumors were flying around. Some individuals even said that the crime was motivated by Satanism or induced by PCP. Nobody imagined that the murderer was a resident of Orinda’s northern suburbs.

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Why Did She Kill Her Classmate, Kirsten Costas?

Bernadette Protti murdered Kirsten Marina Costas (July 23, 1968- June 23, 1984), a high school student in Northern California, in June 1984. She was born into a wealthy family and had a brother named Peter, who grew up in the modest Californian suburb of Orinda. Costas went to Miramonte High School where she was on the cheerleading squad and the varsity swimming team.

On June 23, 1984, Costas was lured to a dinner for the Bob-o-Links’ sorority by a fraudulent invitation. Protti said she had intended to bring Costas along as a potential friend after learning that there would be no dinner served for the new “Bobbies.”

The girls began to fight, and Costas fled, informing Alex and Mary Jane Arnold that her friend had become “weird.” Because Costas was unable to contact her parents on the foundation, Alexandra Arnold drove her home while monitoring the Protti family’s Pinto. While sitting in his automobile at the Costas’ house, Arnold witnessed Protti’s beating of Costas.

Jeannette Butler Husband

Angela was released from prison in 1992 at the age of 23, after serving seven years for her role in the murder of Costas’ father. At that time, Protti had been given a maximum nine-year sentence, but she was let out on parole after seven years. Angela’s parents were furious with the Parole Board’s decision to free her early.

Jeannette Tomanka was released from prison in 1998, and she legally changed her name to Jeannette Butler. She went to Oklahoma after her release and got a job as a nurse. After getting married, she changed her name to Jeanette Tomanka. Angela’s spouse is known as Thomas, and he works as a product marketing manager for the company.

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