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Anita Whitehouse: All about Paul Whitehouse’s mother

Anita Whitehouse was the mom of Paul Whitehouse a British actor, writer, presenter and comedian. He was one of the main stars of the BBC sketch comedy series The Fast Show.

Who was Anita Whitehouse?

Anita Whitehouse (née Jones), was a singer with the Welsh National Opera. She moved to Enfield, Middlesex, when her son, Paul Whitehouse was four years old, which led to his discovering his talent for mimicry.

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“At school I didn’t say a word for the first four weeks – I called it my Silent Month. I think it was because everyone was speaking so differently from how it had been in Wales. Then, after four weeks, I came home one day and said, ‘Muumm, I wanna go to Sarfend!’ For her that was the end because I had lost my lovely Welsh lilt. So I became very conscious of speech and the effects it can have. But when I went back to Wales I would start talking all Welsh, ‘like that, you see’ before going all Alf Garnett while coming back the other way.”

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Anita Whitehouse husband

Anita Whitehouse was married with Harry who worked for the National Coal Board and his mother. His son, Paul Whitehouse was married with his wife Fiona Wightman at a very young age and they married in 1992. The couple divorced three years later.

Whitehouse has supported his ex-wife in a civil action she has persued against a national newspaper, for accessing her medical records, the publisher offered unreserved apologies.

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Anita’s granddaughters were Sophie Whitehouse, Molly Whitehouse and Lauren Whitehouse. Her son, Paul went on to have a third daughter, Lauren, with a work colleague, costume designer Natalie Rogers.

Is Anita Whitehouse alive?

No, Anita Whitehouse is not alive. She died in 2022. She was born in 1932. At the time of her death, she was 90 years old.

Anita Whitehouse’s son tied knot for the second time

Anita Whitehouse’s son, Paul met Dr Mine Conkbayir who is of Turkish heritage when she was aged 23 and 22 years his junior. She was combining working in a health food shop while she studied.

The couple have one daughter, Delilah, and, as of 2023, have been together 20 years, and married for five but maintain separate homes. Whitehouse is a fan of Premier League football side Tottenham Hotspur.

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