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Who Is Anthony Parker, CreepShow Art’s Husband?

Anthony Parker is best known as the husband of CreepShow, who is an American YouTuber known for her commentary, art, and storytime videos. In early-June 2021, she garnered infamy after she was exposed for her racist and transphobic comments on the website “Lolcow.farm”, backstabbing and shit-talking her friends, and for stalking and harassing Emily Artful for more than a decade in an extremely obsessive way. She also gained controversy for how she handled the Hopeless Peaches situation. Who Is Anthony Parker, CreepShow Art’s Husband?

Anthony Parker, CreepShow Art’s Husband

Shannon and her husband Anthony Parker spent years living in their van and recording early films there because to their alleged homelessness. She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Shannon has claimed that she is pansexual.

Shannon began making videos at the age of 16 as a way to express herself and connect with others who might be going through similar experiences. Since then, Shannon has amassed a large following on YouTube and other social media platforms by sharing her unique perspective on life with her fans.

In addition to vlogging, Shannon also creates educational videos about topics such as mental health, relationships, and sexuality. Shannon hopes that her videos will help people feel less alone in the world and better understand themselves and others.

Anthony Parker Age

Anthony Parker’s exact date of birth is not known. He is in his 30s. He holds American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

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Anthony Parker FAQs

  • Is Anthony Parker married?
  • Yes, Anthony Parker is married to Shannon, better known as CreepShow Art. The couple has been together for many years and they have two children together.
  • What does Anthony Parker do for a living?
  • There is no information available about what Anthony Parker does for a living. It is possible that he works behind the scenes to support his wife’s YouTube career.
  • How much money does Anthony Parker have?
  • Again, there is no information available about Anthony Parker’s net worth or income. However, his wife Shannon is estimated to be worth around $1 million.

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