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Blaustoise Wiki, Height, Age, GF, Net Worth, Career, Facts

Nathan Blau, also known as Blaustoise, is a Twitch celebrity from the United States. Nathan Blau was born on October 15th in Los Angeles, California. He began his career as a User Experience Researcher at PlayStation in June 2014.

Blaustoise is a prominent streamer and developer of games, having streamed the gameplays of Rust, Valorant, and Among Us on Twitch. He also works in the field of gaming as a game designer, game strategist, and researcher.

Who is Blaustoise’s Girlfriend?

Blaustoise is currently involved, having dated Tea Chang, whose Instagram handle is evergreenily. Tea Chang is also a gamer, developer, and user experience designer. She has over 10.5k Twitter followers and is quite well-known.

Blaustoise Wiki, Age, Real Name, Height

Blaustoise, whose real name is Nathan Blau, is not mentioned on the official wiki page despite his widespread fame on Twitch. Since January 2015, Blaustoise has been active on Twitter and is followed by 58.5k followers.

As of now, he has tweeted 8,021 tweets. Blaustoise, a well-known twitch star, is currently 30 years old.

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Blaustoise Net Worth

Blaustoise’s exact net worth is unknown. According to the Twitch Channel Earnings Calculator, Blaustoise’s overall media value is $14,049 since 103,858 followers follow him and he has thus far 1.2 million views. Blaustoise’s typical revenue per video is $161.

He also gets income from various sources in addition to being a game developer, researcher, and strategist because he works as one.

Blaustoise was born on October 15, 1989, and has a 30-year-old age. Blaustoise is currently dating Tea Chang, a gamer, developer, and UX designer. To this point, the twitch streamer has not offered any information about his family. He is an American citizen and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Blaustoise Career

Blaustoise is a tall guy with a muscular body who appears to be quite tall. His exact height is unknown, but he has a good physique and appears to be rather tall. Blaustoise Nathan Blau, commonly known as Blaustoise, lacks verification on Wikipedia yet. He may be found on Instagram as blaustoise and has 6,986 followers.

We discovered that he is interested in Hockey, Calisthenics, and Wall Climbing after looking at some of his most recent postings. He’s also a game designer and researcher who devises game strategies. But it was as a Twitch streamer that he became well-known.

Some Facts About Blaustoise

  • Blaustoise has a tiny but dedicated following on Twitter, with just over 8.5K followers and has tweeted almost 8,000 times since joining the social network.
  • According to Top Twitch Streamer’s official website, Blaustoise has over 1.2 million views in a month and is followed by 103,858 people on Twitch.

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