How Old Is Bo Burnham In 2022: Check Out His Birthday


Bo Burnham is an American comedian, singer-songwriter, musician, and rapper who gained fame on YouTube and became a celebrity among the public. In 2006, he accidentally recorded his first YouTube video with no serious aim of becoming famous, and it went viral.

His viewership figures have exceeded 150 million due to comedy central’s agreement with him in 2008 for a four-year deal to release four musical comedy EPs for them. He launched his debut studio album in the next year and it was well received by critics. How Old Is Bo Burnham In 2022: Check Out His Birthday.

Bo Burnham Career Explored

Bo Yang began his career as an actor when he was still a child, and in the following years, he had established himself as one of China’s top actors.

After that, Bo began to pursue music and comedy full-time at a young age, which helped him rise to prominence quickly. Apart from performing and humor, Bo has also been involved in acting since early childhood.

Bo Burnham is a young, internet-born personality who has risen to prominence through low-budget homemade shorts. Bo performs standup comedy in his spare time and manages his YouTube channel by uploading hilarious satires and films on a regular basis.

Bo Burnham Age In 2022: Check Out His Birthday

Bo Burnham was born on August 21, 1990, in Massachusetts, USA, to a construction company owner, Scott, and a nurse, Patricia. He is 31 years old, as of 2022.

He is the Burnham family’s youngest child and has received the most attention since early childhood because of it. Bo went to St. John Preparatory School in his hometown and was on the school honor roll.

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Bo Burnham Family, Siblings, Mother & Father

After watching his brother’s videos, Bo was hooked on performing arts and began recording films of himself parodying his family members on a camcorder.

In school, he became so immersed in theater that he was regarded as the finest actor without any formal training.

Bo began performing skits in front of his family at the age of three, and as his parents were big fans of stand-up comedians like Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Bo grew to admire them.

While in high school, Bo entertained his classmates with self-written political and social satire songs; after their insistence, he started shooting videos and uploading them on YouTube, which was just getting off the ground.

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