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Who is Cameron Herrin? #JusticeForCameron TikTok trend sparks controversy

Many TikTok members have been working to have Cameron Herrin’s prison sentences reduced by posting viral messages in which they compare his sentence to other. But there are some who are not a fan for the campaign.

TikTok might have begun its initially as a way to showcase your musical talent but it’s grown far beyond that in the past two years. It’s evolved into a platform for numerous diverse communities.

As with many other corners of the internet, a few TikTokers are fascinated by crimes, and are creating popular posts about crimes that might have gone unnoticed as and pointing out inequities.

In the past couple of weeks, some TikTok users have time, brought attention to the situation of Cameron Herrin – a 21-year-old who posted videos on social media prior to being detained.

What did Cameron Herrin do?

Back in 2018, when he was 18, Herrin pled not guilty after killing a mother and her one-year-old child while he was street-racing in downtown Tampa.

The 18-year-old The teenager reportedly struck the mother and daughter. The Mustang speeding up to 30-40 mph prior to the collision. However, there was evidence that suggested he was speeding as high as 162mph during moments prior to the collision.

Herrin eventually changed his plea, and admitted the offence, but it took until the month of April in 2021 to be sent to the court and he was eventually handed 24 years in prison.

TikTok start #JusticeForCameron trend

Users on TikTok as well as Twitter has, on two separate occasions, rallied in support of Herrin’s situation, requesting his sentence to be reduced because of a variety of reasons, such as the different between sentences handed down for similar offenses.

The #JusticeForCameron hashtag has also been circulated and many people have chosen to use the statement “we are humans, not bots” to try to dispel the idea that bots are being employed to increase the volume of hashtags.

The hashtag has garnered praise from all over the world as well. “We are with Cameron Herren until the end and we will not leave him,” said one of the fans. “He deserves a second chance, he is a kind guy with a big and open heart,” said another.

TikTok users rally against viral posts

A TikTok account that is named after Herrin has also increased to nearly two million users, even though there are many who believe this is an attempt by bots and people who are trying to erase his name.

“He killed two innocent lives, took someone’s happiness from their lives and you guys still support him bcoz he is handsome,” commented one user. “He killed two people because he was doing an illegal car race,” added others, attaching the facepalm emoji.

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