How Old Is Ceeday In 2022: Here’s What We Know


Ceeday is a popular American YouTuber and gamer known for his comedic Fortnite: Battle Royale videos. His most well-known type of Fortnite videos are about “Default Skins” (the recruit that is automatically given to every player, or the default skin, hence the name) where he trolls those players, helps players and occasionally pretends to be one of the players due to their passive, unskilled, yet comedic nature. Many of his ‘default skin’ videos are currently the most notable videos on his channel. How Old Is Ceeday In 2022: Here’s What We Know.

Ceeday Age

How old is Ceeday? He was born on Maio 16, 1998 in USA. He is 24 years old, as of 2022. His real name is Will Wilson and he has a younger brother and sister.

Ceeday Height

Ceeday stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and he weighs around 64 kg. He has black hair and his eyes are also black in color. He has a very slim body build and he is mostly seen wearing loose clothes. He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body. Ceeday is of Dominican descent. Ceeday started to gain popularity after he started posting his comedic videos on the social media platform, Vine. He was one of the most popular Viners with over 2 million followers on his vine account.


Ceeday Career Explored

In late-May, William said that he was having lag spikes in his Fortnite game. He had received too many friend requests on his account. William didn’t turn on the ‘Auto-Decline Friend Request’ option until he realized it was broken. He couldn’t access his account when he turned it on, and he had no choice but to cancel the account.

After the game had restarted, the costumes he’d purchased, his favorite outfit, Raptor’s Back Bling, and the Disco Pickaxe were all lost. In June 2018, William received his Disco Pickaxe back and got his Raptor costume plus Back Bling back in mid-June.


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All About Ceeday

As of 2022, Ceeday’s net worth is $1 million. He made his fortune through his career as a video gamer, content creator and YouTuber. He is well-known for sharing epic and funny gaming videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. His YouTube channel boasts over 7.31 million subscribers and he is also known to face challenges in the game Fortnite – mostly those involving new weapons. But he isn’t only popular on YouTube, but several other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

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