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Cellinrj Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Career, Facts

Cellinrj is a streamer at Twitch, whose real name is Marcello Florencio. He is regularly seen streaming his favorite game, which is GTA V. He has amassed a large following on the streaming platform, with over 121,000 followers.

His channel is dedicated to gaming content, and he regularly posts clips and highlights of his gameplay sessions. Cellinrj Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Career, Facts.

Cellinrj Wiki, Bio

Cellinrj is a Brazilian streamer who first started streaming in early 2018. He quickly gained a following on Twitch for his live streams of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). As of July 2019, Cellinrj has over 121,000 followers on Twitch and continues to grow his audience by streaming regularly.

His channel is focused exclusively on gaming content, which he often shares in the form of clips and highlights from his gameplay sessions.

Cellinrj Career

Cellinrj has over 301k followers on his Twitch channel under the username @cellinrj. Moreover, he created his Youtube channel that consists of 140K subscribers, on Jun 6th, 2018.

In addition to streaming GTA V, Cellinrj also plays other games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. He often collaborates with other popular streamers on Twitch, and has even hosted a few charity streams for various causes. Cellinrj is a well-known figure in the streaming community and continues to grow his fanbase with each new live stream.

What Is Cellinrj Real Name?

From his Instagram bio, Cellinrj’s Real Name is Marcello Florencio.

He is of Brazilian descent, and his posts are usually written in Portuguese.

Cellinrj GF

Scrolling through Cellinrj social media, we realized that he is in a relationship with Karen Vaz, who, according to her bio, is an artist.

They have a daughter together named Taliyah. Whether Cellinrj is married to Karen Vaz, or are they engaged? This question still lingers on the public mind.

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How Much Is Cellinrj Net worth?

Since there is very little info on Cellinrj, his exact Net worth is still not available to the public.

But it is estimated that his monthly earning is around $46 – $729. His primary source of income is Twitch, Youtube and He is also an ambassador for DT3 sports.

Cellinrj is a Brazilian Twitch Streamer and Youtuber. He has an Instagram account with the username @cellinrj, which has 101k followers. Cellinrj also has a Twitter account with the username @cellinrj, which has 60.3k followers.

Cellinrj Facts

  • Cellinrj is a Swedish gamer who has more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube. He started his own YouTube channel named Cellinrj in 2018.
  • Karen, the daughter of Cellinrj and Taliyah, was born in November 2020.
  • He primarily streams GTA V gameplays on his channel. On the Booyah live platforms, Cellinrj also streams his games.
  • As of March 2022, he had posted 434 videos to YouTube under the username Cellinrj.

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