Charla Nash Now: Is He Blind?


Travis was a male common chimpanzee who, as an animal actor, has made numerous television appearances and commercials, including ones for Coca Cola, as well as on television shows such as The Maury Povich Show and The Man Show. , which is disputed

Travis, named for the country music star Travis Tritt, lived in Stamford, Connecticut at the home of Herolds’ family. He traveled with them everywhere and frequently went to work with them, becoming a minor local celebrity in the process. The Herolds’ neighbor said Travis was more behaved than her own nephews. He had been raised around people and was used to following instructions carefully. Charla Nash Now: Is He Blind?

What Happened To Charla Nash?

Nash and Herold had been friends for quite some time, so she would often stop by his house. On February 16, 2009, Travis ran out of the cottage with Herold’s car keys in hand while Nash was there visiting the couple. In an attempt to lure him back inside, Nash gave Travis his favorite toy – a Tickle Me Elmo doll.

However, when the Chimp determined the doll, Nash had recently altered her hair, which may have scared and perplexed him. Sandra Herold was forced to restrain him from attacking her in front of the house after he discovered an unlocked door. Travis went around the police car until he found an unlocked door, breaking a window on his way.

Charla Nash Case

Charla Nash, the woman who was brutally assaulted by Travis the Chimpanzee, required hours of surgery from a variety of surgeons in the days that followed. Travis had completely dislocated her face and eyes, removed her nose, mouth, lips, and most of her scalp left her blind, and sliced off one hand and part of the other. The injuries she sustained were so severe that the hospital in Stamford suggested therapy to the professionals who treated her. She was taken to Ohio for an experimental facial transplant after they successfully saved her life and repaired her jaw.

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Is Charla Nash Blind?

Last week’s events were a small setback, when Charla Nash’s body began to reject the transplant after her doctors attempted to wean her off of anti-rejection medications.

Nash is a Connecticut woman who had a terrible attack by a friend’s pet chimpanzee and underwent a face transplant as a result. In 2009, Nash was left without a nose, eyes, or lips after her friend’s pet chimpanzee viciously attacked her. The chimp also spread an infection that caused Nash to go blind.

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