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Chase Landry, What happened to him? Age and Networth

Chase Landry is the youngest son of Troy Landry. He is a reality TV star on the show Swamp People and a professional alligator hunter. He comes from a long line of gator hunters, as the Landry family has been successfully operating in the Louisiana swamps for five generations.

Chase Landry Net Worth

Chase Landry is known for his appearance on the reality TV show “Swamp People,” has a net worth of approximately $400k. Alongside his father and brother, he gained fame through the show and continues to earn income from it. Chase also operates the family seafood business. He also owns a gas station and a restaurant called Chasin’ Tails, further diversifying his sources of income.

Chase Landry Age and Career

Chase Landry was born on April 25, 1989, in Pierre Part, Louisiana making him 35 years old. He is the son of Troy Landry, who is well-known for his skills as an alligator hunter and is often referred to as the “King of the Swamp.” Chase is the youngest son of Troy and his wife Bernita Landry. Growing up in his hometown, Chase attended school and learned various outdoor activities from his father.

Troy was heavily involved in the seafood business and would frequently visit the Atchafalaya Basin to hunt for alligators and catch crawfish. It was during these trips that he introduced his sons Chase and Jacob to the unique lifestyle of living in the swamp. Chase has a half-brother named Brandon Hotard from Bernita’s previous marriage.

Chase Landry’s passion for hunting gators began during his childhood as he learned the trade from his father, Troy Landry. His dedication and skill led him to become the captain of his own gator boat at the young age of 18 and he has been actively hunting ever since. Chase is also involved in various other businesses within his family’s enterprise, including the crawfish industry.

Chase Landry in Swamp People

Since its premiere on the History Channel in 2010, “Swamp People” has become a popular reality television series that showcases the daily lives of alligator hunters in the swamps of Louisiana. Chase Landry made his debut on the reality TV show Swamp People in 2012, joining his father Troy and older brother Jacob during the third season. Since then, he has made a total of 69 appearances on the show up until 2022. Chase has also appeared in two spin-off series: Swamp People: Serpent Invasion and Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry.

‘Swamp People’ series highlights the hunting techniques employed by these hunters, the risks and dangers they encounter while pursuing alligators, and also explores their relationships with their families. People really like the show, and as of 2023, it has fourteen seasons.

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Chase Landry Marriage

Chase Landry was previously married to Chelsea Kinsey but they separated a few years ago. They have a daughter together named Riley Blake Landry, born on March 18, 2017. After his breakup with Chelsea, Chase dated Pickle Wheat, who is also a cast member from Swamp People. Pickle’s real name is Cheyenne Wheat and she comes from a hunting background as her great-grandfather and father were both gator hunters in St. Bernard Parish. However, Chase and Pickle’s relationship did not last and Chase is currently single and not married.

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Chase Landry Controversy

Chase was arrested in 2016 after being accused of shooting a gun at a shrimp boat. He believed that the boat was getting too close to him while he was hunting alligators. Subsequently, he was required to attend a trial in a Louisiana court in 2017. However, Chase did not show up for the court hearing, resulting in the issuance of an arrest warrant against him.

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