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Debra Lea Age, Wikipedia, Career, Net Worth, Height and Trivia

Debra Lea is an American social media influencer who is known for sharing her conservative political opinions on her TikTok page called debra.lea.

She often creates videos where she lip syncs to popular songs, but her content tends to generate controversial discussions among viewers. Despite this, she has managed to gather a considerable following of over 106K followers on her ‘thedebralea’ account.

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Who is Debra Lea?

Debra Lea age is 23 years old. In July of 2020, she first began her Instagram account. She has gained a significant following and admire her stunning photography.

Her Instagram page captures the soul of each destination, from stunning landscapes to colourful cityscapes. Debra’s commitment to her art and continuous publishing has connected her with other photographers and led to fascinating brand and travel agency collaborations.

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Debra Lea Height and Weight

Debra Lea stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her body weight is about 61 Kg (134 lbs).

Where is Debra Lea resides in?

Debra Lea was born in the United States and is currently based in New York City, New York. Being raised in the country’s melting pot has exposed her to a varied range of cultures and perspectives which she brings into her work as a writer and artist.

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Debra Lea net worth

Debra Lea’s net worth is estimated to be $330k – $550k, as of 2024. She gets respect for her investments, real estate, and businesses. Debra has continually increased her fortune while creating a comfortable lifestyle for herself and her family via hard work and smart financial decisions.

Lesser known trivia facts about Debra Lea

  • Debra Lea kisses Bic a lot
  • Always wear training pants
  • She thinks his charming point is that he has a bright personality but also has a gloomy side and that he smiles well.
  • One thing he doesn’t like (occasionally) is a person’s behavior.
  • She cooks well and she is the best cook among MCND members.
  • If she was not an idol, she will be a dancer or a chef.
  • She doesn’t like cream (cake) he prefers chocolate.
  • She likes The Promised Neverland and Erased (taste yasss).
  • She also likes Naruto.
  • Likes coffee more than tea and likes it bitter (latte).
  • She doesn’t like carbonated drinks and prefers sprite over coke.

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