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Dustystaytrue Wiki, Biography, Age, Real Name, Height, Net Worth & Facts

Dustystaytrue can be described as an American artist, songwriter and rapper located within Los Angeles, California. His debut album was the hit song Never Change It has racked up over 8.2 millions views YouTube.

Dustystaytrue is a brand new entrant in the world of music who is doing an excellent job of promoting and producing his music on different platforms. His music is available via Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

Dustystaytrue Wiki, Bio, Age & Real Name

We’re unable to find Dustystaytrue’s precise birth year, however the month of his birth is recorded as the 6th of April. When we look at his photos the man appears to be somewhere in the mid- or early 20s.

There isn’t any information on Dustystaytrue’s height or actual name. Dustystaytrue hasn’t yet revealed his personal information publicly.

Dustystaytrue Net worth

Up to 2021, Dustystaytrue released 3 songs with respective music videos, and has released them with great success. The first song he released was called Never Change in the year 2020. After that, it was followed by TopDog immediately. The most recent release from him was Talk Tough in 2021.

Dustystaytrue’s net worth has been estimated to be around $453 between approximately $3.83K.

On Instagram Dustystaytrue is a household name with over 23.7k fans on his account, which is @dustystaytrue.

Dustystaytrue Height & Weight

He stands tall at 5 feet 8 inch and weighs 66 kg. Similarly, he has brown eyes and black hair.

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Dustystaytrue Facts

Dustystaytrue hasn’t yet made his personal details publicly. The real name of his or his size is not known.

As per noxinfluencer Dustystaytrue’s net worth has been estimated at around $353 between $ 2.83K and the sum of $ 1.87K per video on YouTube.

Dustystaytrue is releasing three singles: never Change (2020), TopDog (2020) along with Talk Tough (2021).

on Instagram, Dustystaytrue has over 21.7k followers 538 on Twitter as well as 51.4k users for YouTube.

His ethnicity is Black.

The first song by Dustystaytrue has reached 8.2 million. Then his new album has surpassed 2.2 million in just a few weeks after its his release.

Checking his social media accounts He recently posted an image on Instagram with a female in the picture. We have no information about the identity of the girl.

The guy seems to enjoy travel and making music.

Dustystaytrue’s genre of music can be described as Hip Hop/ Rap.

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