Edith Frayne And Why Was She Arrested


The state police have arrested the woman who pushed another woman to her death. Edith Frayne, the detained lady, is accused of pushing a woman on the Bloor Yonge Station rail tracks. A video of the arrest had circulated online a few days ago, showing the apprehended lady pushing another woman, but thankfully there were no subsequent ramifications. Now that there has been a new development in this case by police.

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Who Is Edith Frayne?

The most discussed topic after this event is what the bone of contention was that caused Edith Frayne to push the patient nearly to death. However, there is no clear account of this matter, and it’s also uncertain if the two women were acquainted with each other prior to this event. How was she tracked down and arrested? Please see section 2 for more information.

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Edith Frayne Arrested?

Edith Frayne is a 45-year-old woman while the other party is 39 years old, according to reports. For no apparent reason, this attack happened at Bloor and Yonge subway station. Furthermore, after pushing her, Edith Frayne fled the scene but she was subsequently identified on surveillance cameras and assisted the cops in identifying her.

After she was recognized, police officials launched her photograph to elicit the help of the general public in capturing her. She was arrested on Monday April 18th, 2022 at 6:18 p.m., according to reports. Continue reading this column for more information and updates on the same story.

Why was Edith Frayne Arrested?

On April 19th, 2022, Edith Frayne is expected to give a statement in court. The reason for the pushing event has not yet been revealed by the police department. However, on her first appearance on Tuesday, the charges and crime will be determined by the Toronto Court. It’s also conceivable that Frayne will be charged with attempting to murder on Tuesday.

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