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Erich Preach Wiki, Biography, Wife, Marriage, Height, Net Worth & Instagram

Erich Preach, a Canadian YouTube commentator, actor and comedian, is also a podcast presenter. Along with Aba Atlas, he runs the YouTube channel Aba.

Erich is also well-known for his humor about modern society and culture. His YouTube channel is known for his reaction videos to cultural and social taboos.

Recenty, Aba and Preach got in a fight with another YouTuber named Fresh & Fit.

Fresh and Fit also made fun of Erich’s wife by calling her a “beluga whale” and challenging him to a fight. Erich was furious at the video and agreed to take part in the boxing match.

Erich Preach Wife, Marriage

It is believed that Erich Preach will marry his beautiful wife.

According to reports, he is currently married to his long-time girlfriend who was his childhood sweetheart.

His wife is also said to be Caucasian, and white.

The couple was also married more than a decade ago.

Other than this, very little information is available about the mystery spouse.

Preach, despite his public status, is very private and rarely talks about his personal life.

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Erich Preach Height & Weight

How tall is Erich Preach? He is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

His body weights is 78 Kg. He has black eyes and hair.

Erich Preach Age

Erich Preach, a YouTube star and entrepreneur, is 37 years old.

He was also born in 1984 A.D. Each year, he cuts his birthday cake at 18 February. His sun sign according to his birthday is Aquarius.

However, YouTuber appears to be much younger than he is.

He is a charismatic figure with a deep skin tone and a charming smile.

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Erich Preach Net Worth

Erich Preach is worth between $1.3 million.

Erich Preach’s net worth is largely due to his work as a commentator on his YouTube channel, Aba and Preach.

As of right now, the YouTube channel has over 1.41 million subscribers. The total views have also surpassed 350 million.

Erich and Aba Atlas (both 31 years old) co-host the YouTube show. Aba Atlas was actually the original creator of the channel.

Preach helped him convert the content into response videos.

Erich Preach on Instagram

Instagram has a large following for Erich Preach.

He is available on Instagram under the handle @preachdimplz.

He has 48.4K fans as of right now. He shares photos, videos and stories about his profession, life, and live performances.

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