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Erin Everly (Axl Rose Ex-Wife) Wiki, Bio, Now, Net Worth, Facts

Erin Everly is a well-known musician video and commercial actress from the United States, noted for her work in songs such as “Guns N’ Roses,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and “Mine.” She is also recognized for her tumultuous marriage to Axl Rose, which she attributed to him physically abusing her after their divorce. Erin’s father was a singer before becoming an entrepreneur, and her mother was a model and actress who eventually joined his company. Erin has also worked for her father’s firm as an employee.

Erin began modeling and acting after working for the Wilhelmina Agency as an assistant to work for well-known companies such as Guess, Bebe, and Jordache. Erin Everly had a lot of issues in her life, yet somehow she found the strength to be self-reliant. You must be intrigued to know what happened to Erin Everly after you finish this book. If that’s the case, keep reading until the last line reminds you to do so. Erin Everly (Axl Rose Ex-Wife) Wiki, Bio, Now, Net Worth, Facts.

Erin Everly Wiki, Childhood

Erin Everly was born on November 8, 1965, in Los Angeles, California. She is an American citizen of White ethnicity and is a Christian. She is a member of a famous family that provides great support. Don Everly is her father, and Venetia Stevenson is her mother.

Stacy Everly and Edan Everly are also her siblings. Erin is well-known for her beauty, as she is one of the most beautiful blue-eyed women with a decent height and a slim body type that makes her the boss lady.

Erin Everly Personal Life Check: Axl Rose And Erin Everly

Erin, who is now 40 years old, married Axl Rose in the 1990s. In 1987, Erin was 19 and Axl was 24, and they met at a neighborhood party where they became friends. After dating for many years in 1990, these lovebirds decided to get married. However, their marriage only lasted nine months before they called it quits in 1991.

On the other side of the world, in Australia, another beautiful woman named Erin was engaged and had a wonderful life. In 1997, Jack C. Portman III received an opportunity to bring joy to Erin’s life. Jack C. Portman III was vice-chairman of Portman Holdings and John Portman & Associates.

After two years of their marriage, God granted this lovely pair three children: Eres, Eason, and Esper. And presently, Erin is enjoying her single existence.

Erin Everly Movies

Erin has made appearances in several music videos and commercials, such as as Guns N’ Roses, Sweet Child O’Mine, and Mine. She has never been seen on a drama or TV series.

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Erin Everly Net Worth

According to the most recent and confirmed statistics, Erin Everly’s net worth is approximately $1.6 million. Her wealth estimate is based on her father’s company. Also, she earns a significant living as an actress and model.

Erin Everly Facts

Here are the top six most fascinating facts about Erin Everly that you may not know:

  • Erin Everly has been seen with numerous males since her divorce, including Anthony Keidis, David Arquette, Mathew Nelson, and Mathew Klyn.
  • Erin Everly never wanted to give up custody of her children.
  • According to a few reports, she is dating an Untinted Based writer whose identity has yet to be revealed.
  • Blue and black are Erin Everly’s favorite colors.
  • Scorpio is the zodiac sign of Erin Everly.
  • Many rumors about Erin Everly’s death were false in the early 2000s, but she didn’t clarify anything.

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