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Who Is Estelle Berglin? Age, Boyfriend, Height, Wiki, Facts

Estelle Berglin is a travel and lifestyle influencer and she believes that in a world like this, you can be anything. She loves exploring new cultures, trying new foods, and meeting new people along the way.

She believes that kindness is the key to building meaningful relationships and spreading positivity wherever she goes. Through her travel experiences, she hopes to inspire others to embrace assortment and treat everyone with compassion and respect.

Estelle Berglin Age

Estelle Berglin is 28 years old, as of now. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has long, wavy chestnut hair that falls down her back in loose waves.

Her deep green eyes seem to hold a depth of wisdom far beyond her years. Despite her petite frame, she exudes confidence and poise in every step she takes. As a successful social media personality ,she is known for her quick wit and innovative ideas.

Estelle Berglin Wiki

Estelle BerglinWiki
Age28 yrs old, in 2024
Born inUSA
HeightIn feet: 5’5” (1.65 m)
Weight53 Kg (116 lbs)
Relationship StatusSingle

Is She Dating?

No, in 2024, Estelle Berglin is single.

10 Facts About Estelle Berglin

  1. Her charm and the quality of her voice are her strongest selling factors.
  2. Red and green colors are his favourite.
  3. She has a soft spot for pandas, rabbits, and white tigers.
  4. Her many favorite things include mint chocolate, her Polaroid camera, dipping sauces, the ocean, fried chicken, rain, and winter.
  5. Shopping is her way of relieving stress.
  6. She considers her charming voice and demeanor as her most favorite qualities.
  7. Sushi, steak and iced tea (instant iced tea) are her three favorite foods.
  8. Crawfish, olives and raw carrots are his worst enemies.
  9. Her mother is a big fan of Running Man.
  10. She wants to be a famous actress.

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