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Stylist Gina Rizzo Wiki: Where Is Justin Pierce Wife Now?

Gina Rizzo has no separate Wikipedia dedicated under her name despite her involvement with notable figures like Justin Pierce and Guy Mariano. Gina Rizzo is a stylist by profession and is known as the ex-wife of British actor Justin Pierce.

She was often linked-up with a skateboarding legend, Guy Mariano, after Justin’s death.

Gina Rizzo Stylist Wiki

We can see Stylist Gina Rizzo featuring on the wiki of Justin Pierce, who is her ex-husband.

Gina Rizzo has escaped from public eyesight for years. So, there are no fresh updates about her as of yet.

She married her former partner in July 1999. Unfortunately, after just a year of their marriage, Gina’s world of two shattered due to her husband Pierce’s death. He died young, at age 25.

Gina Rizzo Husband

Gina Rizzo’s ex-husband, Justin Pierce, may have died as a result of homicidal poisoning. We were unable to unearth the specific evidence regarding Mr. Pierce’s cause of death.

According to sources, Mr. Pierce committed suicide by hanging himself in his room and leaving two suicide notes. We discovered Gina Rizzo’s Instagram by looking through Mariano Rizzo’s IG following search list. She has kept her account private, so we were unable to learn much about her.

Some Facts About Gina Rizzo

  • However, as per her IG’s display picture, we can see her cuddling with a child, who appears to be less than 10 years old.
  • That little girl could probably be her daughter. Yet, we are not sure how many children she has.
  • Gina Rizzo seems to be married.
  • She was in a relationship with Guy Mariano, and as per Famous Birthdays, it is found that Guy was married to his long-time girlfriend.
  • Further, other than Mariano, there are no spread rumors about Rizzo dating anyone and vice-versa.
  • Gina Rizzo could also be one of the reasons that her ex-husband committed apparent suicide, as per some published online sources and also the comments on Yahoo.
  • Reportedly, Rizzo was suspected of having been in a love affair with her ex-partner’s skateboarding friend Guy Mariano.

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