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Who Is Giorgio Walker, Polly Walker’s Son?

Giorgio is a gorgeous and brilliant young man with a charming personality. He appears to be a laid-back, fun-loving, and pleasant guy who shows care, love, and respect for his mother and family. Giorgio appears to be an active individual with a lively and compassionate lifestyle, and he does appear to offer his family and friends with similar enthusiasm. He also appears to have a flourishing modeling career, so his diligence and hard work will lead him to success. Who Is Giorgio Walker, Polly Walker’s Son?

How Old Is Giorgio Walker: Age

Giorgio Walker is a 29-year-old model. He was born in 1993. He appears to be a capable person with the ability to accomplish what he sets out to do. To summarize, he was most likely born in England since his parents are British citizens. His father is unknown, and although Giorgio appears to have a sibling Delilah Walker (age 22), there is no information about his father. They also appear to have a wonderful connection and proximity.

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Meet Polly Walker Son Education Details

Giorgio’s education is unknown, although it is likely that he attended a top institution and studied something useful to him in order to pursue his creative and artistic expression.

Furthermore, Polly Walker is a native of the United Kingdom, and she is married to Laurence Perry Jones, who is Giorgio and Deliah’s stepfather. Despite Laurence not having any children of his own, both seem to have an indestructible love for their children.

Meet Giorgio Walker On Instagram

Giorgio Walker has not revealed his social media accounts. He appears to be productive and dedicated to his goals, according on what we’ve seen. As a result, it’s likely that he maintains a private social media presence. There are only a few of his buddies on the account, if any at all.

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