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Gloria Abe [Mark David Chapman’s Wife] Wiki, Age, Husband, Now, Facts

Mark David Chapman, a convicted killer was in the news in the 1980s due to his involvement in John Lennon’s killing, but his wife has stayed out of the spotlight. Gloria Chapman and Mark David Chapman were married in 1978 after meeting in Hawaii.

Mark David Chapman’s wife: Gloria

The Hawaiian birthplace of Gloria Chapman, Gloria Abe, happened on April 13, 1951. She is a dual citizen of Japan and the United States.

When she met Mark David Chapman in 1978, she was working as a travel agent in Oahu. Their 1979 wedding was a year later.

Gloria writes about “one of the darkest nights in my life” on December 8, 1980, in an article she sent to Alliance.

What did Mark David Chapman do?

By shooting and killing the iconic musician John Lennon on December 8, 1980, Chapman was able to do it in front of his wife, Yoko Ono, in the vicinity of their house in New York City. Earlier that evening, he had a meeting with John Lennon. It was Chapman who had received an album signed by John Lennon.

On that particular evening, John Lennon and his wife were returning home when Chapman opened fire on him, killing him by shooting him twice in the back and again in the shoulder.

It was decided that the member of the Beatles had passed away upon arriving at Roosevelt Hospital.

It was until Chapman was taken into custody that he lingered at the scene of the crime and continued to read The Catcher in the Rye. When Gloria learned of the murder, she was in their apartment in Hawaii, where she was watching Little House on the Prairie.

She made the following statement: “All of a sudden, words appeared at the bottom of the screen: “John Lennon has been shot in New York City by a male Caucasian. I knew it was Mark.”

Mark David Chapman Now

Chapman, who had recently become a Christian, had voiced his displeasure with one or more of John Lennon’s lyrics. Another thing that made him furious was John Lennon’s statement from 1966, which stated that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus.”

The murder conviction resulted in Chapman receiving a sentence of twenty years to life in prison. A guilty plea was entered by him in 1981, and he became eligible for parole in the year 2000. The state of Hawaii is still Gloria’s home. She makes frequent trips to New York in order to visit her spouse for conjugal encounters.

She says, “I read in the Bible in Malachi Chapter 2, Verse 16… ” as she is making an explanation for why she has remained with her husband.It reads, “I despise the divorce process.”

The parole application for Chapman has been turned down twelve times, therefore he is presently serving his life term in the Green Haven Correctional Facility.

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