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Hannah Pettit Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family

Hannah Pettit, also known as HannahPT, is an American YouTuber who works as a social media influencer by trade. Hannah Pettit is a well-known social media celebrity in the United States for her self-titled YouTube channel’s family vlogs.

She comes from the Crazy Pieces family vlogs and is an adoptive kid. Her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. Hannah Pettit Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family.

Hannah Pettit Wiki, Bio

Hannah Pettit is a popular young social media personality. She is well-known on Instagram, TikTok, and other social networking platforms in addition to YouTube.

Hannah Pettit is the daughter of a YouTube star, Mike and Rachel Pettit. She was born in 2004 and belongs to an adoptive family. Her birth parents were not capable to take care of her and hence she was adopted by Mike and Rachael via adoption services.

After Hannah Pettit turned 7 years old, she began to join her father’s videos where he would be playing with his kids. Once she started doing so, her fan base started growing gradually every day.

She has grown up in such a way where people can really see how much she has matured both inside and outside.

One thing that we liked about Hannah Pettit is that even though she comes from a rich family, there are times when you will see that she is just a kid who wants to have fun.

When it comes to her education, Hannah Pettit belongs from a rich family and hence is currently studying in an international school where the tuition fees are sky high.

Hannah Pettit’s career has been growing rapidly ever since she joined the YouTube platform with her father. It was not long ago when she started uploading videos on YouTube with her father and soon became popular among all age groups after joining TikTok app.

Those days were really not easy for Mike as he had to make sure his daughter will become famous; eating at home used to be one of the biggest challenges for them as Hannah used to keep refusing until she gets to eat outside or order food online.

Hannah Pettit Age

Hannah Pettit was born on February 6, 2006, and will be 16 years old in 2022. She is the child of a well-established Christian family from the United States. She is an American by birth and a Christian follower of Christianity.

She completed her primary education at a Local High School in the United States. She subsequently enrolled herself at a Local University in the United States, where she obtained her degree.

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Hannah Pettit Net Worth

Hannah Pettit has been an active participant in sports and other co-curricular activities since she was young. She aspired to be a renowned celebrity since she was young, therefore she began her internet career early on.

vlogger and adopted daughter of the Crazy Pieces family. Crystal and Aaron are her adoptive parents, who also have several additional adoptive and biological children. Her household has become known for uploading its pure vlogs and tasks for their over 500,000 subscribers. Her net worth is estimated to be $200k – $300k.

Hannah Pettit Facts

  • Hannah Pettit and her family relocated to a larger home in the summer of 2018, during which she documented their experience on camera.
  • She was also included in a December 2021 video that chronicled her learning how to drive.
  • Shelly and Jared Wallace are her aunt and uncle, who run their own family video blog called CRAZY MIDDLES.
  • She has an older biological brother and sister as well as five other biological siblings.

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