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Henry Cole (TV Presenter) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Children, Net worth

Cole is best known as the host of World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides, The Motorbike Show, and Find It, Fix It, Flog It. He also serves as the CEO of Gladstone Motorcycles. Henry Cole (TV Presenter) Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Motorcycle, Net worth.

Henry Cole Age

Henry Cole was born on February 16, 1965. He is 57 Years old, as of 2022.

Henry Cole Education

Henry Cole was educated at Eton College.

Henry Cole Family

Henry Cole told The Telegraph UK that he was born into a wealthy, upper-middle-class family. His father, who was a former army major who left the military in 1964 to pursue a political career but failed abysmally because of his controversial political views, became an MP and then a failure.

His mother stayed at home as a housewife. William Ewart Gladstone, the nineteenth century British prime minister, was one of his great-great-great-great-uncle’s (numerous times removed).

“I was born into a well-off, upper-middle-class family and grew up in a 14-roomed Victorian rectory in Norfolk. My father, a bizarre former Army major, was the only one who knew how to kill someone; all my mother knew was how to serve as his unpaid domestic helper. She sounded like a godly stoic BBC radio announcer of the Fifties.”

Henry Cole Height & Weight

Henry Cole stands tall at an approximate height of 5 feet 8 inches whereas he weighs around 75 kgs. Likewise, this personality has brown hair that has turned gray with aging and has mesmerizing blue eyes.

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Henry Cole Wife

There is no public information available about Jane Cole, who married J.P. Cole in 1956 and has two children: Charlie and Tom. The family resides in the Cotswolds and has two young boys, Charlie and Tom.

Henry Cole Motorcycle

Henry is a motorbike enthusiast. He started and runs the British brand Gladstone Motorcycles. (Henry’s uncle Dick “Red-beard” Gladstone, a genuine British oddball who sparked his interest in vintage British motorcycles at the age of eight, inspired the name.)

He set a world land speed record for a pre-1955 750cc motorcycle in 2013, riding a Brough Superior on the Bonneville Salt Flats. He has traveled the planet and ridden hundreds of unique motorcycles, and his mission is to eliminate any cultural stereotypes about motorcyclists in particular.

“I wanted to tell as many people as I could that motorcycling is not a subculture, that riders would not come over to your house and burn it down, that we are in fact decent individuals… Hopefully, like me.”

Henry Cole Motorcycle Show

Henry Cole has also presented World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides (Travel Channel Worldwide), The Motorbike Show (ITV4 and Discovery Networks), Shed and Buried (ITV and Travel Channel Worldwide) , and The Motorbike Show Special: Steve McQueen’s Motorcycles.

Henry Cole Find It, Fix It, Flog It

Henry presents Find It, Fix It, Flog It alongside Simon O’Brien. They travel across the UK to find unique items lost in people’s homes and fix them up for profit.

Henry Cole TV Production

Henry runs a production firm known as HCA Entertainment. The firm has produced, directed, and Henry has hosted numerous reality shows for broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4, Sky 1, Channel 5, UKTV, Travel Channel , Discovery Networks , NBC , and the BBC.

Grimefighters is one of them. Frontline Stories was another popular series with 6 episodes in Season One. Kensington Wives was also one of his notable works. Discovering Gardens was an eight-part docuseries that aired on the National Geographic Channels in 2018.

He has also worked on over 70 television commercials for firms such as Flora, Mastercard, Top Up TV, Dixons, TFL , and Amstrad.

He has directed and produced TV and Theatrical films, such as Mad Dogs and Englishmen (starring Elizabeth Hurley, C Thomas Howell, and Joss Ackland), Dead Funny (starring Elizabeth Pena and Andrew McCarthy), and Princess in Love (featuring Christopher Villiers and Julia Cox).

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Henry Cole Addiction

Henry Cole was a heroin addict for five years (between the ages of 19 and 24), but he is now clean. He is actively involved in addressing addiction issues and sharing his knowledge with others.

He stated, “My lowest moment was in the late 1980s, when I became a virtual recluse. I couldn’t even face going out to get drugs, so I had them sent by dispatch riders for £7,000 per year. Luke and Matt Goss from the pop group Bros lived on the floor below me.”

Last but not least, a tabloid newspaper ran a front-page story about me under the headline “Heroin Henry, dealer of death, sells drugs in Bros’ home.” Fortunately, I had supportive parents. My burning desire to resume television was also beneficial. Narcotics Anonymous is the most expensive club you can join. I spent half a million pounds getting in.”

Henry Cole Book

Henry Cole’s A Biker’s Life: Misadventures On (and Off) Two Wheels is now available from Quercus for £20.

“A Biker’s Life: Misadventures on (and off) Two Wheels” is Mark Dung’s memoir. He stated, “I felt I had a narrative to tell about individuals who have gotten lost in life and didn’t know what they were rebelling against but desired to be unique in some manner. Motorcycling is an essential element of that belief.”

Henry Cole Net worth

Henry Cole real estate investments are the stuff of legend, however his net worth is unknown.

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