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What happened with Iain Owens: Glasgow child sex abuse ring member

Iain Owens is a criminal and involved in child abuse ring who preyed on victims in a drugs den. He is convicted of attempting to murder a child by pushing her into a microwave and trapping her in other places.

He continues to maintain his innocence, according to defence advocate Gary Allan KC, who described him as “by no means stupid”, and said he found prison “frightening”.

Iain Owens charges

Iain Owens was convicted of 18 charges including the rape of the three children, attempted murder of one involving shutting her in a microwave and other kitchen appliances. The jobless addict was also guilty of other sex offences and class A drug supply.

Iain Owens is involved in Glasgow child sex abuse

A number of members, including Iain Owens, 45, Elaine Lannery, 39, Lesley Williams, 41, Paul Brannan, 41, Scott Forbes, 50, Barry Watson, 47, and John Clark, 47, were found guilty of a series of charges one of which was the gang rape of a child. Three of those on trial: Mark Carr, 49; Richard Gachagan, 46; and Leona Laing, 51, were acquitted of all charges.

Between the years 2012 and 2019, three children were subjected to abuse in a drug den in Glasgow, which was involved in the use of heroin and crack cocaine.

While Paul Brannan was found guilty of attempted murder, sexual assault, inducing children to take drugs and alcohol, rape, and for supplying diamorphine and cocaine. Lesley Williams was found guilty of attempted murder, assault, rape, and drug supply.

At Glasgow High Court last year, after a two-month trial, eight gang member Marianne Gallagher, 38, was found guilty of assaulting a child who claimed they were kicked, punched, and had a plastic bag placed over their head. She was found not guilty of all other allegations. She was given a postponed sentence of January 6, 2025.

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Many of the accused persisted in their claims of innocence and some even anticipated being found not guilty. Sentencing was adjourned until January 9.

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