Meet Ian Huntley’s Ex-Girlfriend Maxine Carr


After attempting to assist conceal her partner’s double murder, Maxine Carr was given a complete new identity. She was acquitted of any involvement in the deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman by courts, allowing her a fresh start. Carr served a reduced sentence for perverting the course of justice.

However, Carr’s new life was once again thrust into the public eye in May 2004, when it was revealed that she had been living under an assumed name with her young child in a small town in Lincolnshire. The news sparked a media frenzy, and police were forced to provide Carr with 24-hour protection.

In December 2004, she was given a two-year prison sentence after admitting possessing a false passport and driving licence. She was released on parole in May 2006.Since then, Carr has kept a low profile. It is believed that she has changed her name and appearance again in order to try and start afresh. Meet Ian Huntley’s Ex-Girlfriend Maxine Carr.

Who is Maxine Carr?

Maxine Carr was a former teaching assistant at St. Andrew’s Primary School who was sentenced to six years in jail for providing Huntley with an alibi after he murdered 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. When Huntley sat in the dock at his murder trial, Carr infamously turned on him as “that thing in the box,” labeling him as “that evil thing.”

Her life has been in the public eye for over 30 years, and yet she is one of just four former UK prisoners to have their anonymity protected by a lifetime ban – together with child murderer Mary Bell and James Bulger’s killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

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How did she meet Ian Huntley?

In 1999, at a club in Grimsby, Carr met a 25-year-old Huntley. She moved into Barton-upon-Humber’s killer’s apartment shortly after. Huntley began work as the school’s caretaker in November 2001 and took up residence in a cottage provided by the position.

In the weeks leading up to their murder, Carr was working as a teacher’s assistant at the school where Holly and Jessica attended. Carr testified for Huntley repeatedly in the two weeks following the girls’ disappearance. It eliminated him as a suspect right away. She also cleaned any potential evidence out of their house. When witnesses identified Carr as being 110 miles away in her home town at the time of the murders, they were detained.

Holly and Jessica Murder

On August 4, 2002, Jessica and Holly were having a barbeque at Holly’s home when they decided to go for a walk. They hadn’t said anything to anybody before leaving the house, so when Holly’s mother realized they were gone she became concerned. Hundreds of volunteers and cops scoured the village and surrounding area for nearly two weeks looking for them.

The bodies of the teens were discovered approximately 10 miles away from where they vanished. Huntley was already under suspicion for his conduct, but Carr informed detectives her then fiancé Huntley had been with her at the time. In fact, she had been in Grimsby at a nightclub with another guy.

Both were arrested, and Huntley was sentenced to double life imprisonment plus a minimum sentence of 40 years. Carr was charged with perverting the course of justice after she turned on Huntley during the court case.

Where is Maxine Carr now?

In 2016, following years spent as a fugitive from justice, Carr was granted day parole and instructed to live under the supervision of probation services. She served just 21 months of her sentence for perverting the course of justice after being released from jail in 2004. Draconian legal requirements have guaranteed Carr lifelong anonymity. It has cost taxpayers around £2.5 million since 2004 to provide Carr with a new identity and police protection since her release from prison.

Despite her notorious history, Carr has since rebuilt her life and even remarried in a lavish ceremony wearing a £2,000 ivory gown. Despite knowing of her tragic past, Carr’s adoring boyfriend led her down the aisle at a luxury wedding venue in 2014. However, according to reports from his family members, his choice to marry Carr after learning of her sordid history was greeted with astonishment by them.

Before exiting the venue, Carr was said to have gleefully relished in being the centre of attention – smiling and joking with guests and bridesmaids before disappearing into the picturesque grounds.

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