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Isabella Guzman In 2022 Bio, Crime, Stabbing, Now

Isabella Guzman, an 18-year-old Colorado native, became famous on the internet in August 2013 when she murdered her mother Yun Mi Hoy violently inside their home and later appeared in court displaying a comical demeanor. In 2013, Isabella Guzman murdered her mother, Yun Mi Hoy, with a knife at their home in Aurora, Colorado. Seven years later, Isabella Guzman’s courtroom outburst went viral on TikTok, and she became an Internet phenomenon.

When she was just 18 years old, Guzman murdered her mother. Her relatives were shocked. Even as a youngster, she had behavioral difficulties, but her loved ones called her “sweet” and “good-hearted.”

In October 2017, Guzman was accused of robbing a National City bank while brandishing a fake gun. She pled not guilty by reason of insanity and has been held in a mental health institution since her arrest. Her doctors discovered she had schizophrenia, and a court ordered that she be kept in an institution until she was no longer a danger to herself or others.

Guzman claimed her schizophrenia was under control after seven years of hospitalization and petitioned to be released from the institution. At the same time, footage from her 2013 court hearing resurfaced and started making the rounds on TikTok — gaining her a confounding fanbase. Isabella Guzman In 2022 Bio, Crime, Stabbing, Now.

Isabella Guzman Life Story

Isabella Guzman began exhibiting behavioral problems at a young age, as her mother informed The Denver Post. According to the same source, Isabella’s mother sent her to live with her biological father, Robert Guzman, when she was approximately seven years old due to issues like this. Guzman eventually moved back in with Hoy and continued to struggle throughout her teenage years; however, she dropped out of high school soon after.

In August 2013, the relationship between Guzman and Yun Mi Hoy deteriorated quickly. Guzman became “more aggressive and disrespectful” in her stepfather Ryan Hoy’s view, and on August 27, the two had a particularly fierce disagreement that ended with Guzman spitting in her mother’s face.


Hoy called the cops when she learned the truth. They arrived at the home that afternoon and spoke with Guzman, informing her that if she didn’t start respecting and following her rules, her mother would be able to throw her out legally. Hoy also phoned Guzman’s biological father and requested that he come over to talk to her. That evening, Robert Guzman arrived at the house, as Huffington Post later reported. He remembered: “We sat in the backyard looking at animals and trees while I talked to her about how much respect people should have for their parents.”

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Isabella Guzman Murdered Her Mom: Yun Mi Hoy

On the night of August 28, 2013, Yun Mi Hoy got home from work at around 9:30 p.m. She said she was going to take a shower but her husband quickly heard a thud and blood-curdling screams coming from upstairs.

Isabella Guzman On Social Media

In 2020, Guzman’s 2013 arraignment began circulating on TikTok, with several users uploading videos from the hearing. Some were set to Ava Max’s hit song “Sweet but Psycho.” Others depicted creators imitating Guzman’s odd courtroom facial expressions.

In the summer of 2016, Isabella Guzman became an internet sensation. People commended her on how beautiful she was and suggested that she had a good reason for murdering her mother. Her court appearance was recorded in a video compilation that garnered almost two million views. On Facebook and Instagram, people started fan sites in Isabella Guzman’s honor.

According to Isabella Guzman, she would alter the events of August 28, 2013 if given the opportunity; this date marks when she was first hospitalized and cut off from the outside world by her mother.

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