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Jackson Mahomes Sexuality Explored: Is He Gay?

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Questions regarding his sexuality have been raised time and again.

Jackson is an American TikTok star who is best known for being the brother of NFL star Patrick Mahomes II.

The young TikToker has over 963.6k followers on his account @jacksonmahomes which has already been verified.

He has recently turned 21 years old, but his social media presence is already massive.

Various rumors about his sexuality have surged up repeatedly, and many anti-fans have also harassed him with the rumors.

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

Jackson Mahomes is not actually gay.

He had said so on his Youtube videos multiple times.

The rumors began circulating after some viewers talked about how his voice sounded weird and feminine.

Soon people began harassing him by calling him “Patrick’s sister” or “Mahomo.”

There are numerous anti-gay comments and threats with video compilations of people making fun of him.

However, it seems that the young social media personality has raised above all those and is successfully pursuing his career.

Jackson Mahomes Family

Jackson Mahomes comes from a family of athletes.

His parents are Pat Mahomes and Randi Mahomes.

His father, Pat Mahomes, is a former Major League Baseball pitcher.

Likewise, his elder brother is none other than Patrick Mahomes II, quarterback, for Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

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Jackson Mahomes Height & Weight

Mahomes, himself used to play basketball and was considered a top prospect with a towering height of 6 feet 6 inches.

However, he decided not to pursue basketball and instead chose to be an entertainer.

Moreover, he also has a little half-sister, Mila Randall, from his mother, Randi.

His parents have been divorced but maintain a good relationship.

Furthermore, he is really close to Brittany Matthews, who is his best friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law.

What Mahomes’s Net Worth?

Jackso Mahomes’s estimated net worth is around $10 million.

While his haters claim that he is living on his brother’s money, he is quite successful.

Meet Him on Instagram

Jackson is active on Instagram @jacksonmahomes.

His account is already verified with 254k followers.

Likewise, he is also on Youtube and Twitter.

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