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Who Are James And Edward From Actionadventuretwins? Age, YouTube, Net Worth

James And Edward are twin-sibling duo that who a shared YouTube channel to upload and publish videos of their outdoors adventures and cave exploring. They have always had a deep love for nature and a crave for adventure, making their channel the perfect platform to share their experiences with the world. From hiking through shady forests to spelunking in hidden caves, James and Edward have set aside their lives to exploring the wonders of the great outdoors. Their channel has gained 619,000 subscribers on the platform.


How Old Are James And Edward?

James And Edward age is 18 years old, as of 2023. They were born in 2005. Though, this is not the reliable information as the twins not confirmed their age.

James And EdwardProfile
Age18 years, as of 2023
ParentsNames not known
James’ height5 feet 6 inches
Edward’s height5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth$12.8K – $204.5K (yearly)

James And Edward’s YouTube Channel

James And Edward run their combine YouTube channel. They began YouTube channel on 25 Jun 2019. Twin brothers are also active on Instagram, Facebook and Patreon. Their YouTube channel bio read as,


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“We are the ActionAdventureTwins! We’re identical twins who’s action packed adventures will always leave you wondering what’s next. As our channel gets bigger so will the adventures, so subscribe and get ready for the next trip! please donate to help keep the channel alive. cashapp: https://cash.app/$actionadventuretwins”

As of 2023, James And Edward combined income are estimated to be $12.8K – $204.5K (monthly) and $1.1K – $17K (yearly). Social media career is his main source income.


Facts About James And Edward

  • James And Edward go everywhere together.
  • Their video titled “High Anxiety Inside Petty Johns Cave” has amassed 40 million views, till Nov 2023.
  • Brother’s second most viewed video is titled, “Dropping Go Pro Down A Deep Mystery Pipe”.

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