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James Spyridon Vlassakis (Snowtown Murders) Now, Crimes & more

James Spyridon Vlassakis was one of the murdrer involved in Snowtown murders, which took place between August 1992 and May 1999, in and around Adelaide, South Australia.

Most of the bodies were found in barrels in an abandoned bank vault in Snowtown, South Australia, hence the names given in the press for the murders. Only one of the victims was killed in Snowtown itself, which is approximately 140 kilometres (87 miles) north of Adelaide, and neither the twelve victims nor the three perpetrators were from the town.

Why Did James Spyridon Vlassakis Murdered?

Although motivation for the murders is unclear, the killers were led by Bunting to believe that the victims were paedophiles, homosexuals, or “weak”.

In other instances, victims were tortured before their deaths and attempts were made to steal their identities, social security money, and bank accounts.

Although Snowtown’s notoriety led to an influx of tourists interested in visiting the site of the murders, it also created a stigma. This caused authorities to consider changing the town’s name and identity.

James Spyridon Vlassakis Age & Family

James Spyridon Vlassakis was born on born 24 December 1979 in USA. He is 43 years old, as of 2022.

Moreover, James along with his mother and half-brother, lived with Bunting and was gradually drawn into helping with the murders.

Vlassakis, 23, helped torture and kill his own half-brother, Troy Youde, and his stepbrother, David Johnson.

He confessed in 2001 to four murders, including Johnson’s, and became a key witness for the Crown. The detail he provided, supported by other evidence, helped convict Bunting and Wagner. Vlassakis was sentenced in 2002 to a minimum of 26 years and is held in isolation in an unidentified South Australia prison.


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James Spyridon Vlassakis Crimes

James Spyridon Vlassakis killed, Clinton Trezise, on 31 August 1992, body found 16 August 1994. Further, he killed Ray Davies, 26, on December 1995, body found 26 May 1999.

Suzanne Allen, Bunting’s ex-girlfriend, 47, died November 1996, body found 23 May 1999 (perpetrators were tried but not found guilty as a result of a hung jury; her case was never tried again, but it is believed she was likely a victim of Bunting).

Michelle Gardiner (Born Michael Gardiner), 19, killed September 1997, body found 20 May 1999. Then, Vanessa Lane (Born Barry Lane), Wagner’s ex-partner, 42, killed October 1997, body found 20 May 1999.

Thomas Trevilyan Vanessa Lane’s last partner, 18, killed 5 November 1997, body found 5 November 1997 in Kersbrook.

Gavin Porter, Vlassakis’s friend, 29, killed April 1998, body found 20 May 1999. Troy Youde, Vlassakis’s half-brother, 21, killed August 1998, body found 20 May 1999. Frederick Brooks, 18, killed September 1998, body found 20 May 1999. Gary O’Dwyer, 29, killed October 1998, body found 20 May 1999. Elizabeth Haydon, Mark Haydon’s wife and Frederick Brooks’s aunt, 37, killed 21 November 1998, body found 20 May 1999. David Johnson, Vlassakis’s stepbrother, 24, killed 9 May 1999, body found 20 May 1999.

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