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Jamie King [Joey King’s Dad] Wiki, Age, Wife and Children

Jamie King is best known as the dad of Joey King, an actress who has starred in numerous films and TV shows. He has appeared in a variety of popular movies and television series.

His wholeheartedness to support his daughter’s career have build his reputation as a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

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Jamie King Bio

Jordan King’s parents, Terry and Jamie King, were both born in Los Angeles. Jordan King is their oldest child. By the time he was four years old, he had already begun his career as an actor by recording a commercial for Life Cereal.

She has appeared in advertising for AT&T, Kay Jewelers, and Eggo and Eggo. During his time in Simi Valley, King attended the Phoenix Ranch School.

In his younger years, King took part in a talent competition that was conducted at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center. During the competition, he offered a performance that was performed a cappella format.

She has collaborated with the Stage Door Children’s Theatre in Agoura, which is another institution. She has two older sisters who are both actresses; their names are Hunter and Kelli King. Each of them is her older sister than the other. King asserts that the bulk of my skin may be classified as Jewish.


Joey King was born to Terry and Jamie King in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California. Her first role as a child actor was in a commercial for Life Cereal when she was just four years old. This was the beginning of her career.

Her prior work includes commercials for AT&T, Kay Jewelers, and Eggo, among other companies. She attended Phoenix Ranch School in Simi Valley, California, for her secondary education. King received them there.

King, who was born and raised in Simi Valley, participated in a talent contest at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center when she was younger and sang a cappella for the audience.

She was a member of the Stage Door Children’s Theatre in Agoura, where she performed. Kelli King and Hunter King, both of whom are female actors, are her two elder sisters. The statement that she is “part Jewish and part Christian, but I’m mostly Jewish” was made by King.

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