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Who Is Jana Pareigis’s Husband: Is She Dating?

Jana Pareigis, a German journalist and television presenter with family in Germany, Sweden, and Zimbabwe, is a polyethnic immigrant. Jana Pareigis began her career as an associate editor-in-chief at N24 in Berlin. In 2000, she completed high school and traveled to Harare to work.

Jana has worked for the United Nations, Reuters, and a variety of organizations and newspaper companies in the past. Since 2010, Jana has hosted DW-news TV’s Journal program and freelanced for publications such as WDR, Zeit Online, and Deutsche Welle. In December 2014, she began hosting the ZDF morning show. Who Is Jana Pareigis’s Husband: Is She Dating?

Jana Pareigis’s Husband

Jana Pareigis has yet to reveal anything about her spouse. She was brought up in Hamburg, the Hanseatic city. However, it was disclosed in 2018 that she was expecting a child and wished to keep the gender of the kid a secret, but the host thought it’d be a boy.

Who Is Jana Pareigis?

Jan Pareigis’s Wikipedia entry is already well-known, having received a short biography in the media. She was featured in the DW movie Afro. Deutschland, which focuses on racism against black people living in Germany, in 2016.

Since April 2018, the journalist has been the main host of ZDF-Mittagsmagazin and was first aired on Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) at 12 o’clock today on February 24, 2021. Pareigis wrote a preface for the new German edition of James Baldwin’s essay collection Nach der Flut das Feuer in 2019. She states that Baldwin’s work is important for understanding present-day challenges, as well as her own experiences with racism.

As a standard public utility program feature with an excellent brand, ARD’s “Newshour” is a mainstay in her ZDF audience’ viewing choice. The ZDF editorial board is now controlled by the ZDF primary editorial staff.

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Jana Pareigis Family

Jana’s parents are both German. Jana was adopted by her family shortly after her birth, and she grew up with her new parents. Jana’s adoptive mother and father are both from Germany, as stated in the source. Pareigis studied political science and African studies at Hamburg University according to the source.

Journalist Jana Pareigis Net Worth

Jana Pareigis has an estimated net worth of over $100 thousand. She is a frequent user of Twitter under the handle @JanaPareigis. ZDF was founded on May 27, 2021, and Pareigis, as Petra Gerster’s official replacement, will begin hosting the 7 p.m. today news on ZDF in July 2021.

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