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Who Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr, Sherri Shepherd Son?

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley, Jr., is Sherri Shepherd’s only biological son he was born with special needs due to developmental disabilities. Jeffrey improved over time, fortunately. This lovely guy has grown from wanting to kiss his mother all the time to “Mom get out of my room.” During an interview, Sherri also mentioned that Jeffrey was “perfectly imperfect in every way,” and she described him as such.

However, while the phrase may appear to be words from any mother encouraging her child, the “perfectly imperfect” part didn’t quite ring true with parents of children with special needs. The Wendy Williams Show presenter quickly came under fire on the internet. Who Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr, Sherri Shepherd Son?

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr, Sherri Shepherd Son

Jeffrey, on the other hand, had a lot to give to his mother. According to Sherri, her son pushed her every day when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2007. He urged her to eat well, get active, and have more vitality for activities with him. “I had this vision of my son at 5 years old, holding his teddy bear, and he was crying because he was trying to figure out where heaven was… because that’s where everybody said mommy was. And that woke me up!” Sherri explained.

In the end, there is a give-and-take relationship between the mother and her son. One day, the TV star wants her son to be an independent attractive man who can also take care of her. It’s no surprise that she’s already preparing him! In May 2021, when the two went out to dinner, Sherri made him pay for it. “To pay for what?” he asked in disbelief.

Who Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Father?

In the family, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley jr’s father is actor Jeff Tarpley Sr (54 as of 2022). He was recognized for a few films including Cold Cabin (2010), Tapped Out (2003), King of the Open Mics (2000), and Dead Man on Campus (1998) among others. Unfortunately, Sherri and Jeffrey’s biological parent divorced in 2010 after ten years of marriage.

Their youngster custody dispute was a disaster! Jeffrey Sr. has filed to gain sole custody of their kid, alleging that Sherri was an unfit parent. He also stated that their 9-year-old son was being neglected, nearly illiterate, and unable to tie his laces, according to court documents.

Despite this, the court ruled in Sherri’s favor, with Jeffrey Sr given access to his son. According to Sherri, her ex-husband neglected to use his visitation rights for the first nine years of Jeffrey’s life. However, he eventually stopped responding later on.

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Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Age

In 2022, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley was 16 years old. Jeffrey celebrated his birthday with family and friends, who organized a party for him hosted by Latrice Johnson.
How Tall Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr?

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr was already several inches taller than his mother, Sherri, who is 5 feet 1 inch (156 cm) old when he was just 16 years old.

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Education

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley, Jr. grew up in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Jeffrey stayed at home for 2 months during the 2020 COVID epidemic, and his mother Sherri put it on Instagram to humorously announce that she was “heartbroken” since she would have to “cook breakfast, lunch, and supper” for Jeffrey every day from then on.

Sherri, on the other hand, contended that remote learning had been “totally harmful” to her son’s mental health. Jeffrey was supposedly sad since he was unable to leave his room. She could only have him back by being involved with him in several activities.

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