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Who is Julie Seager? Kyle Seager’s wife shares news of his retirement

Kyle Seager, a member of the Seattle Mariners, announced his retirement through his wife’s Twitter account. Here’s what we know about her and why he retired.

Kyle Seager’s announcement of retirement, which came as a surprise to many, shocked baseball fans across the country. Making such a major statement on family social media isn’t something that happens every day.

In a simply tweet captioned “A note from my husband”, the message read:

“Today I’m announcing my retirement from Major League Basketball. Thank you to all of my family, friends and fans for following me throughout my career. It’s been a wonderful ride but I am unbelievably excited for the next chapter of my life.”

The announcement was a minor shock to everyone, as baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki just turned 34 years old, while other older players such as Max Scherzer continue to perform well in their MLB careers.

Some fans are doubting the authenticity of the announcement since the player’s team typically makes such announcements, but Seager’s interviews support the tweet.

Why did Kyle Seager retire?

The athlete spoke to Seattle Times citing “I’m ready to be home with my family” as the reason behind the decision.

“I knew I was saying goodbye to baseball at that time,” he said, referring to the loss against the Los Angeles Angels on 3 October 2021.

“I knew if we got eliminated that would be the last time I played baseball. I knew it was my last at-bats, I knew it was my last ground balls, my last innings. All those thoughts were in my head. I had so many emotions going on that day. My family being out for the pregame pitch was magical. I got very emotional very early in the day!”

“I honestly was thinking about it back in spring training,” he said. “It honestly was an easy decision. As much as I love baseball, it was time. I’ll miss a lot of people and aspects of the game, but I am ready to start the next chapter of my life.”

Kyle Seager spent his entire 11-year career with the Seattle Mariners, and when he became a free agent at the end of 2021, MLBTR predicted that he would receive a $24MM two-year contract based on his career high home runs (35) and runs batted in (101) during the season. According to his wife’s Instagram bio, “Married to my MLB player-turned-farmer hubby,” the 34-year-old is going back into retirement.

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Meet Julie Seager

Julie Seager (nee Bentley) was born in North Carolina.

The pair have been married since 10 December 2011. They share two daughters – Audrey (born October 2016) and Emelyn (July 2018) – and a son called Crue (2013).

Because she is not a celebrity, there is little information available about her, and her social media consists only of brief looks into the Seager family life. What we do know is that Bentley has been a tremendous help to Seager throughout his career.

In February 2021, Mariners president Kevin Mather praised Seager’s attitude and called him a veteran player, but he went on to say that “he’s probably overpaid.”

Bentley responded to the comments in a now-deleted tweet reading: “So should we put our house in Seattle on the market now, orrrrrr?” – she’s always got her husband’s back!

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