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Karen Hansen Obituary, Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

Hearing about Karen Hansen’s obituary makes everyone sad and think about how she affected many people’s lives. She and her husband Jared passed away in a devastating plane crash, and their loss has left our community in deep sorrow. Both will always be remembered for the positive impact she made.

Who was Karen Hansen?

Karen’s early life is not known. Karen Hansen was originally from Berlin, Germany. However, one thing that is known about her and Jared is that they have created a loving and caring atmosphere for their terriers. Their efforts have brought happiness and companionship to numerous households. She and her husband started our Biewer Terrier breeding program in Colorado with carefully selected European imports in 2015. Both of them resided on a ranch at the San Juan National Forrest in Colorado.

On January 6, 2024, a tragic plane crash took the lives of Jared and Karen Hansen. Jared had three sons named Kaden, Rustin, and Collin who reside in Utah, while Karen had four children named Pepe, Rubi, Emil, and Rubi Becker, who is 22 years old and is Karen’s daughter, claims that Jared and Karen raised her and her two younger brothers in Dolores after they met there. many. The couple got married in 2012.

Jamie Rothe, her sibling grieve the death by saying “This travesty leaves my grieving parents with the heavy burden of organizing their third child’s funeral in three years, and the overwhelming responsibility of caring for their grandchildren,”

Karen Hansen love for Dogs

Karen and her husband Jared had a website where they bred dogs. They took good care of the dogs and posted pictures of them on their website. One of the special services they offered was delivering puppies to their new homes using their own plane. Both Karen and Jared were very passionate about flying and were even described as “avid pilots.” They listed their occupation as pilots at Hansen’s Airstrip. In 2021, Jared became a licensed pilot, and Karen followed in 2023.

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Karen and Jared Hansen demise left Community in Grief

Karen and Jared were not just breeders, they were people who brought love and joy to others through their terriers. Their pets, like Moochi (Sir Monty), brought happiness to many and represented the lasting impact that Karen and Jared had on people’s lives. Breeding was more than just a job for them, it was a part of their family. The memories shared by those who knew them reflect the dedication and passion they had for what they did.

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