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What Happened To Keyona Griffin: Check Out Full Story

Keyona Griffin was one of many victims of the Michigan Family murder whose usual calling was 911 to report on the tragedy before she herself became killed. 65-year-old At 553 Sheldon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jacqueline Baber-Bey, 25-year-uk Keyona Griffin, 47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bey, and her lover, 47-year-old “Jay,” lived together. A typical life was disrupted when a horrible tragedy befell the family last month, resulting in a massacre. Here are all of the topics we cover. What Happened To Keyona Griffin: Check Out Full Story.

Who Is Keyona Griffin?

The girl known as 911 to report the death of her aunt and possible murder is Keyona Griffin. Three Grand Rapids Police personnel arrived at 553 Sheldon 7 minutes and 41 seconds later, after the choice between Keyona and 911 had ended. The Grand Rapids Police Department recently released bodycam footage of their arrival. They failed to get in because they didn’t try and contact anyone between them.

In Grand Rapids, the authorities made no contact with anybody inside the home. They departed three minutes and 42 seconds after their arrival. Two hours and 18 minutes later, 911 dispatchers were given a second title by the same location.

His determination was led by Sanford Cummings II. He discovered his 25-year-old sister Keyona ineffective in an upstairs mattress room. She’d been hit four times and considered one of the shots to have struck her inside the face. When officers returned, they discovered a second death at Sheldon Road 553.

911 Call Transcript & Murder Update

On May 13, 2017, a 47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bey was found unconscious in her bed. She was wearing headphones and had a cushion propped up on them, yet the iPad was still active. A bullet had been fired from behind, striking her behind the head.

Cherletta, according to her relatives, was a kind, trustworthy, and beautiful young lady who avoided human interactions. In line with Target 8, she was described as a loving, dependable, and attractive girl who sought to avoid social gatherings. She was Jay,’ her first real lover,’ and the two spent the most of their time together in her bedroom.

Through the murder investigation, detectives discovered a subject of correspondence in Cherletta’s closet. It was a chain of “prison letters” between her and Derrell Brown. In these communications, Derrell informed Cherletta that he passed by the word “Jay.” It was the signer for all of the letters.

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Is The Suspected Murderer Arrested?

No, the suspected murderer has not yet been apprehended. The Grand Rapids Police Department provided a transcript of Keyona Griffin’s frantic 911 call hours before the murders, but access to the audio was restricted. In October 2021, Target 8 investigators began working as soon as possible.

We obtained the 911 recording and police report via the Freedom of Information Act to show our respect for the worldwide manhunt for the murderer, which is now in its fourth year. Brown, on the other hand, goes about his business undetected.

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