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Kie Kamado Wikipedia: Tanjiro Kamado’s Mother

Kie Kamado is best known as the mother of Tanjiro Kamado. She was a minor character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She was Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado’s mother and Tanjuro Kamado’s wife. It was Muzan Kibutsuji who killed her.

Kie Kamado husband and kids

Kie Kamado was married with Tanjuro Kamado and they together has six children named, Tanjiro Kamado (Son), Nezuko Kamado (Daughter), Takeo Kamado (Son), Hanako Kamado (Daughter), Shigeru Kamado (Son) and Rokuta Kamado (Son).

Kie Kamado Early life

Kie got married to a man named Tanjuro Kamado and they had six children together. Unfortunately, her husband passed away, leaving Kie to raise their kids all on her own.

kie-kamado (3)

Despite facing many difficult situations, she was able to provide for her entire family and ensure their safety and well-being throughout it all.

Who was Kie Kamado?

Kie was an incredibly loving and nurturing person. Being a single mother to six children, she always made sure to display her affection and care towards them.

She tried her best to fill the void left by her husband and be as warm and kind as possible. Kie was not only protective of her children, but she also encouraged them to be independent individuals.


She showed a lot of positivity and support, especially when she entered Nezuko Kamado’s mind. She motivated Nezuko to wake up and assist her brother in the battle, urging her to give it her all.

Lesser Known Trivia About Kie Kamado

  • The Kan-on’yomi of “Asarum caulescens” (葵き ki?) and “limb, branch, and twig” (瞝え e?) form her surname.
  • Kie, like her son Tanjiro, had a strong forehead and could headbutt a wild boar.
  • Kie, her son Tanjiro, and Muzan Kibutsuji’s doctor are the only ones who know where the Blue Spider Lilies grow.
  • Kie’s English voice actor Dorothy Elias-Fahn voices Ozaki.
  • Kie was a talented cook who produced many seasonal dishes.
  • She loved sampling regional recipes given by others. Sanma-no-soba dumplings and miso-baked tofu were her kids’ favorites.

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