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TikToker Kyle Gordon’s net worth: Viral for ‘Planet of the Bass’ song

Kyle Gordon is an American TikTok comedian known for his original characters and parody songs. He is best known for his song “Planet of the Bass” a song written by American Kyle under the pseudonym DJ Crazy Times, featuring American singer-songwriter Chrissi Poland under the name Ms. Biljana Electronica.

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His ‘kylegordonisgreat’ account has 3.2 million followers and 145 million likes. He has been found performing to sold out crowds across the country including Pittsburg, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Why Kyle Gordon is so famous?

Kyle Gordon is famous for his popular song ‘Planet of the Bass’ which is part of Kyle Gordon Is Great, a comedy album set for release in early 2024. The song contains broken English lyrics, such as

“When the rhythm is glad / There is nothing to be sad”, and “Life, it never die / Women are my favorite guy”

Chrissi Poland, who is the voice of the fictitious character Ms. Biljana Electronica is the one who provides the female vocals for the song. The majority of the roles that she plays in the music videos are played by actress Audrey Trullinger with Mara Olney and Sabrina Brier also appearing in the videos.

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Trullinger played the role of electronica in the first version of the song’s music video which was released in its original form. Olney, who was criticised for having less energy than Trullinger, was brought in to take Trullinger’s place.

In place of Olney, Brier who had previously represented Electronica in a video was chosen. The official music video for “Planet of the Bass” featured electronica, which was finally portrayed by Trullinger.

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Olney and Brier made brief appearances as Biljana on a computer screen within the video. Gordon filmed a brief music video for the song in the Oculus building in New York City, with Trullinger playing the role of Biljana Electronica. However, the cops requested them to leave because they were filming in the area.

What is the net worth of Kyle Gordon?

Kyle Gordon’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. In Feb 2020, he joined TikTok and has been on Instagram since April 2017. He is also known for Guardian Angel (2011), DMZ (2022) and First Kill (2022).

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