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Lauren Bransgrove Dunedin (Woman Accused Of Anti-Vax Threats) Biography, Age & more

Lauren Bransgrove, a nurse in Dunedin, makes waves after making terroristic threats online. Meet the nurse charged with Anti-Vaccine Scaremongering. Lauren Bransgrove is a licensed practical nurse in New Zealand.

An experienced health care professional in Dunedin has been accused of making online threats. She’s declared war on Covid-19 vaccinators and is encouraging others to do the same.

Lauren Bransgrove Investigated Over Anti-Vax Threats

Lauren Bransgrove has been accused of making Anti-Vaccine threats. The Nursing Council referred her to a professional conduct committee. After she posted a video on social media, several organizations have launched investigations into her conduct. She declared war against vaccinators in the clip.

This has generated a lot of concern. The Ministry of Health is aware of the situation and will address it soon.

Under the pseudonym Lauren Hill, the nurse posted a connection to an anti-vax radical connected via Telegram.

Who Is Nurse Lauren Bransgrove?

However, Lauren Bransgrove’s Wikipedia bio has changed. According to her profile, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Otago Polytechnic.

She began her career as a theatre nurse at Christchurch’s Burwood Hospital. She later moved to work for the theatre agency Theatre Nurse. For more than seven years, she worked at Dunedin’s Mercy Hospital as a registered nurse.

Bransgrove has worked in the medical sector since 2002. She has spent the bulk of her career in the operating theater. In addition, she has worked as a patient carer in both Orthopaedics and Dermatology. nThe caregiver who measures in Orthopedics has spent most of his time working inside the surgical room. nIn a private clinic, she had worked as a practitioner of Dermatology. At present, she is employed as a licenced Clinical Advisor after having acted previously as one.

Nurse Lauren Bransgrove Age & Birthday Details

Lauren Bransgrove is thirty years old. Her birthday, on the other hand, is unknown. For over two decades, Bransgrove has worked in the medical sector.

Her name is Marika Teai, she’s 28 years old, and she was born in New Zealand. She has no children, but her husband does have a daughter named Zizi and they live together in Canada. Furthermore, we are unaware of her personal life or details about her parents and spouse.

Meet Her On Instagram

Lauren Bransgrove has a presence on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is resinate_with_me_nz. Her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are active, but her profile hasn’t been up for long.

Under the name Lauren Hill, Bransgrove maintains a Telegram account.

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