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Lee Juggurnauth Wife – Who is his partner?

Lee Juggurnauth is a property developer. He basically work for the development of several luxury properties in the city, including a high-end condo complex and a boutique hotel. He has also been involved in the revitalization of several neighborhoods, including the construction of new public parks and playgrounds.

He also said, “I love property, I love interiors and it’s something that I’ve kind of taught myself in the last 10 years. So, being able to help other people on the show is great”.

Social media has made it easier for people to stay updated with their favorite celebrities’ lives. With the rise of tabloids and other gossip outlets, people have become more curious to gain insights into the personal lives of celebrities.

Lee is very focused on his work and shares a lot of posts related to it on his social media platforms. They may be hoping to discover more about the person behind the work and if he has someone to share his life with.

Lee Juggurnauth’s Partner

Lee Juggurnauth is in relationship with Lorena Manas. In 2023, he resides in London with his mother. Juggernaut studied business studies, Spanish, and French literature at Queen’s Mary College.

He grew up in Windsor, but he spent a few years in Mauritius, where his parents are from, when he was seven to ten. He he has worked with the likes of Lulu, Billy Ocean and Take That, throughout his career.

Lee Juggurnauth Height and Weight

He stands at 5’9” and body weight is 72 Kg. He is the Founder of JH clothing. He is known as a presenter and real state agent. He recently launched capsule line which he shares with his fans on Instagram.

Lee Juggurnauth Facts

  • Lee Juggurnauth works in property now.
  • He has a background in the music industry.
  • He started off as runner before working his way up to management.

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