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Meet Lil Twist Parents: Stephen L. Gray And Rhonda Moore

Lil Twist, a rapper from the Atlanta area, has opened up on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop regarding his parents Stephen L. Gray and Rhonda Moore. This Lil Twist Parents essay looks at both of his parents in detail. Learn more about Lil Twist’s father and mother in this Lil Twist Parents article. Meet Lil Twist Parents: Stephen L. Gray And Rhonda Moore.

Meet Lil Twist Parents

Lil Twist, a.k.a. Christopher L Moore, is the son of Stephen L Gray and Rhonda Moore, both of whom are well-known rappers in their own rights. Lil Twist has spoken about his parents on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ most notably his father. Fans have been dying to learn more about Twist’s father, Lynn. His comedic relief on the show and his honesty have won him a legion of fans. He mentioned that he was raised by a “real gangster” while conversing with Pepa. His parents have become popular subjects of discussion among fans.

Lil Twist Dad

Lil Twist and his mother, Nicole Motta, shared a special tie. Despite the fact that his father never spoke about his problems in life, he made sure that Twist and his siblings had the best childhood possible. He cared for Crystal, who was 14 years old at the time of her death, and Za AKA Xavier, who was 11.

All About Stephen L. Gray

By 2022, Steve L. Gray should be over the age of 50. However, there are no public records available regarding Lil Twist’s father that allow us to determine his or her age and birthday.

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Is Stephen L. Gray Still In Jail?

Twist uploaded a photo of his father on his Instagram account on June 17th. Fans have been speculating about what he’s in for since he first debuted. “What he’s in for” was one of the responses to this tweet. Stephen is still incarcerated as of 2022, according to some reports. It’s uncertain when he’ll be released.

Lil Twist, on the other hand, had several individuals in his life that he regarded as father figures. Mack Maine, a rapper, was dubbed his father figure while Lil Wayne was referred to as his older brother. “Having Wayne with you as a brother but not having your real father as a dad figure” is how he phrased it in the series.

In addition, Lil Twist had announced on Twitter that his father, Cortez Bryant, was the manager. In 2009, he tweeted: “Everybody Please Follow My Manager/Dad MrRedGlasses!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! GO EXT.

Lil Twist Mom

Rhonda Moore is the mother of Lil Twist, who’s a well-known figure in the music industry. On Lil Twist’s Twitter page, you may discover that Rhonda Moore is sort of well-known.

There are numerous tweets wishing her birthdays and other occasions. In July 2011, one person tweeted, “I’d want to thank Ms.Rhonda (Mama Twist) for bringing this lovely boy into the world. She raised him properly and he is a great guy.”


Rhonda has been featured on a few Lil Twist Instagram posts. The most recent post with his mother dates back to October 2021. He photographs his mother and writes, “Last night was a fantastic night! I was able to take my mama out to see Anthony Hamilton and bruh he KILLED THAT SHIT!! Thanks OG for allowing us to have a good time! My cousin Porky and brother Soul rolled with me too!”

Rhonda Moore Age

Rhonda Moore turns 57 years old on November 21, according to her Twitter feed. Her kids’ social media have birthday wishes for her. She should be approximately 57 years old in 2022, based on public domain data.

What Does Rhonda Moore Do?

Rhonda says she worked in the mortgage business for more than 10 years. Rhonda claims to work as an entertainment professional on her LinkedIn profile. Manager/CEO was listed as his job from 2006 until 2011.

Rhonda may have worked at IndyMac, a contraction of Independent National Mortgage Corporation, an American bank based in California that collapsed in 2008 and was seized by the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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