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Lystra Adams Husband: everything you need to know about the standout star

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire has undergone quite the transformation since the early years, with cast favourites Dawn Ward and Christine McGuinness all stepping back from the show.

But that’s not to say the current cast is dull – these Housewives are anything but. Here, we exclusively chat to series 12 recruit Lystra Adams.

Who is Lystra Adams?

When asked to describe herself, Lystra told us, “I consider myself the life and soul of the party, I’m just a big ball of laughs and you can tell when I walk into a room.

“I like to make a grand entrance, let’s put it that way.”

Viewers saw a sneak preview of Lystra’s grand entrance into the housewives group ahead of her first episode and well, there’s nothing like a little red dress and a dramatic twirl to direct everyone’s eyes to the new girl on the block.

How old is Lystra Adams?

Earlier this year fans couldn’t believe it when Lystra revealed her age while she celebrated her 44th birthday.

Where is Lystra Adams from?

Lystra moved to the UK (Yorkshire) from South America in 1997, but has been on the Cheshire social scene for years.

What is Lystra Adams’ job?

Lystra Adams is a model, entrepreneur, property owner and mother-of-one to Jasmine, 19.

She’s even opening a new “sushi and small plates” restaurant in Liverpool and said that viewers can expect to take a look into the entrepreneur side of her life in this season of RHOC.

Does Lystra Adams know any of the other housewives?
While Lystra told us that she’d already met most of the girls prior to filming, we have it on good authority that she and fellow housewife Tanya Bardsley are especially close gal pals.

“I am so close with Tanya,” Lystra told us, “Honestly, she is amazing.

“We literally talk five times a day on the phone. I love her to bits. I love her energy, she’s real and we feed off each other.

“I can’t rave enough about her, she’s just amazing.”

Are there any housewives Lystra doesn’t like?

Much to our dismay, Lystra couldn’t give away too much. HOWEVER – and this is juicy – she did promise us some upcoming drama.

She said, “Going into a bunch of beautiful, intelligent amazing women…”

Yaas, girl power.

“…I think, when you’ve got a lot of women with big personalities, you are going to have clashes from time to time and there has been a few of those.”

How was Lystra Adams cast for the show?

Lystra was already friends with co-star hairdressers Nick Malenko and Royston Blythe and told us that the casting came through them.

She said, “I’ve been to a few of their parties, they’d seen me before and it was just the right thing to do.

“They knew I wanted to go on it, as well.”

Lystra has been watching the show for years and said that when meeting the cast at Nick and Royston’s parties she knew it was something she wanted to get involved with.

When asked how she feels being one of the few black women over the years to join the group, Lystra said, “I’m just excited, I have wanted to be on the show for such a long time so I’m just so happy that I’m finally on it.”

Who is Lystra Adams’ husband?

Lystra has been married before but she’s currently single.

In a whirlwind relationship, Lystra got married in a matter of months but one year down the line and it was all over.

“The person was just a very good charmer, let’s put it that way, and then within the space of a few months they were like, ya know, ‘Ohhh should we get married?’ and I was like, ‘Yeahh,’ and we got married.”

We’re not sure who this charmer of an ex-husband was, but Lystra was known to be dating Grand National horse owner David Fox back in 2011.

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