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Where Is Pam Hupp’s Husband Mark Hupp Now In 2022?

Pam was a crucial witness in the prosecution of Russ Betsy’s husband, who was convicted of her murder in November 2013 before being acquitted in 2015. During this time, Pam’s husband Mark stood by her, and he is played by Sean Bridgers in the true crime drama. Where Is Pam Hupp’s Husband Mark Now In 2022?

Pam Hupp’s Husband Mark Hupp

According to a report from local Missouri publication St. Louis Magazine, Pam met Mark shortly after her divorce from her first husband, who she had been married to for six years. According to an online obituary, Mark was a minor-league baseball player for the Texas Rangers who went on to become a carpenter after he didn’t get selected into the team. The pair had a son named Travis in 1989. Pam already had a daughter, Sarah, from her first marriage, and the family moved to Naples, Florida, according to the publication

According to reports, in 2001, Pam and Mark moved back to O’Fallon, Missouri, with their family, where the former got a job at the State Farm branch and first met Betsy. After Betsy’s death, Mark remained by his wife’s side, as he testified in court for Leah and Mariah Day’s complaint against Pam over their mother’s life insurance policy.

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Where Is Mark Hupp Now Now?

In 2013, after Russ was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, Pam testified in his trial that he had made her the beneficiary of his life insurance to ensure her children received the money rather than him.

Mark said in his May 2015 deposition that his wife had never informed him about the reason why she made $150,000 life insurance policy beneficiary Pam. After the verdict came in, he had even more to say. He also disclosed their finances and legal papers show that he stated they had made numerous house purchases after she acquired the cash.


Betsy’s daughters lost their case when the court ruled that since Pam “made no enforceable promise to the plaintiffs’ late mother” regarding the money, “the plaintiffs failed to carry their burden of proof.”

In 2016, Pam shot and killed a man named Louis Gumpenberger, who she said was a house invader who had tried to force her to return the $150,000 insurance money and planned to kill her and “make it look like Betsy,” according Dateline. However, evidence revealed by a police inquiry proved that Pam had lured Gumpenberger to her house as part of a scam, and that the entire thing was staged.

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