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Who Is Melissa Ohden’s Biological Father: Find It Out

Melissa Ohden has not known her biological father, but she has reconnected with the biological family that tried to abort her after she was born in a hospital. Learn more about her remarkable life story. Melissa Ohden is a 44-year-old feminist and rights advocate who has fought for female empowerment.

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The author of the blog takes a look at how life has changed for women who have had an abortion, what they see from their own perspective, and why they think that way. Who Is Melissa Ohden’s Biological Father: Find It Out.

Melissa Ohden’s Biological Father

Information about Melissa’s biological father has not been revealed, but she has reconnected with her biological mother. In 1977, Melissa’s mother had an abortion when she was 19 years old. Her grandmother, a local nurse, persuaded her friend the abortionist to assist with the procedure since she was only 19 years old and too young for a pregnancy.

Melissa’s mother, a young woman, was compelled to undergo a five-day long toxic isotonic solution procedure against her own will after the baby was stillborn. She had no alternative but to do it due on to circumstances and Melissa’s grandmother. After the treatment, Melissa was tossed into the hospital rubbish with her 8-month-old twin sister.

However, a nurse noted that she was still moving and producing faint signals of life, little whimpers, and so she decided to assist her. Melissa survived long ICU care even against the odds. According to doctors, she would have suffered from birth defects in the heart or perhaps lost eyesight; but it was never the case. She was nurtured healthy and adopted shortly after learning that she had no biological connection to her.

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Explore Melissa Ohden, the Abortion Survivor

Melissa Ohden’s Wikipedia profile states that she is an abortion survivor, and her story has been highlighted there. When Melissa was 14 years old, she discovered that she had been adopted when her sister mentioned it during a childhood quarrel while playing.

“At least my biological parents wanted me,” her half-sister informed her. This resulted in a perplexing condition, and Melissa went to her adoptive parents, who informed her the truth. Her quiet melancholy caused her to self-harm, degrade his or her mental health, and even attempt to cope with drinking excessively.

Melissa Ohden’s Book And Bio Details

In a book published in 2017, Melissa Ohden chronicled the tale of her failed abortion in You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir. The book explores her decade-long effort to find her biological mother. After being happily married for a number of years, she now has two children and, to everyone’s pleasant surprise, her eldest daughter was born at the same hospital as Melissa herself was aborted.

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