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How Old Is Golfer Mike Thomas? Everything To Know About Justin Thomas Father

Mike Thomas is currently 62 years old, and his age has not kept him from participating in the PNC Championship 2021. Mike Thomas is a professional golfer for Goshen, Kentucky’s Harmony Landing Country Club as well as the father of golf player Justin Thomas.

With three generations of golfers in the article, you will get to know more about the father and son.

Mike Thomas Golf Age: How Old Is Justin Thomas Father?

Mike’s father, Mike Thomas, is said to be 62 years old. On October 15, 2021, Justin celebrated his father’s 89th birthday. “I’m a lucky man to have a father like you, Pops,” he wrote on Instagram. “Happy Birthday.”

However, despite being old, he has not quit playing golf or instructing. He’s taking part in The 2021 PNC Championshio as well as his son Justina and Tiger Woods.

On the other hand, because Mike is recovering from a back problem and Justin isn’t playing in Thursday’s Pro-Am, they did not play. When asked why, “We’re just having a wonderful time together.”

“It’s always a plus to play well,” Justin remarked. We will, however, be able to witness the breathtaking vista of father and son demonstrating their abilities on the ground.

Who Is Mike Thomas? Wikipedia Bio

Justin Thomas, a professional golfer, is the son of former NFL player and head specialist at Harmony Landing Country Club, Eric Thomas. He has served as the head specialist at Goshen, Kentucky’s Harmony Landing Country Club since 1990.

Paul Thomas, Mike’s father, was a lifelong teaching pro in Ohio and made the 1960 PGA Championship cut and played on the PGA TOUR Champions.

Mike is a hardworking guy who previously competed on golf mini-tours before choosing to work as a teacher.

As of December 3, 2021, he has been happily married to his wife, Janice Thomas, for 33 years. They are the happy parents of Justin Thomas.

Mike Thomas Health Update

Thomas’ health is better now, and he’s ready to swing some balls in the PNC tournament. In September, Mike was diagnosed with a lung blood clot and was unable to travel or do much else for at least a month.

It was initially misdiagnosed as pleurisy. But his wife Jani insisted he go to the hospital when he didn’t improve the next day and had difficulty breathing. A CT scan revealed the clot after some tests proved negative. He was immediately treated and recovered completely as a result of God’s help. He is now back to normal and eager to hit again, owing to God’s aid.

The diagnosis was a pulmonary embolism; however, seeing him ready to compete in the PNC championship 2021 suggests that he is in excellent health. He was in pain on the left side of his chest after traveling nonstop for eight weeks. When he began to experience symptoms, he was going to England for the Open Championship and Japan for the Olympics.

Meet Justin Thomas Father Mike Thomas On Instagram

Mike Thomas, the father of Justin Thomas, is active on Instagram as @mikethomaspga. He frequently shares photos from his teaching session and the achievements of his club. With almost 29k followers on Instagram, he regularly talks about his profession and club milestones.

The elder Thomas, who is 88 years old, can be seen on the field playing and watching golf with his three sons. nAccording to his Facebook post, his father is 88 years old, yet he continues to play and has enough energy to propel the ball. Furthermore, he recently uploaded a photo of himself with his wife and son displaying a memento of appreciation.

And he’s grateful to the PNC Championship for giving him the chance to compete alongside his family.

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