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MrBeast Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth 2021, GF

MrBeast Net Worth : $30Million
MrBeast’s Salary : $4.5 Million Per Month

Early Life

Jimmy Donaldson was born May 7, 1998 in Greenville North Carolina. He attended Greenville Christian Academy and graduated in 2016.

When he was twelve years old, he began posting YouTube videos under the username “MrBeast6000”. After briefly attending college, he decided to go full-time with YouTube. His earliest videos featured video game commentary, reaction videos, and funny compilations.

Career Success

After the 2017 release of “Counting to 100,000”, Jimmy gained popularity for the first time. He spent 44 hours counting down to 100,000 in the video. The video was viewed over 21 million times.

His YouTube channels have over 90 million subscribers, and more than 10 Billion video views. The average video is viewed over 20 million times. He has 12,000,000 followers on Instagram, 9 Million followers on Twitter, and 13 Million followers on TikTok.

He is associated with PewDiePie and purchased billboards and radio advertisements to help him get more subscribers than T-Series. At the 2019 Shorty Awards, he was nominated as Vlogger of The Year. He was awarded the Breakout Creator award. He was nominated to the 2020 Kids’ Choice Award as Favorite Male Social Hero. He was awarded the 2020 YouTubers of the Year award. He was also the 2020 Creator Award winner at the Streamy Awards.

MrBeast had over 80 million views and gained 400,000 subscribers in just one week. He was the 20th most popular YouTube personality during this period.

What is MrBeast’s Net Worth?

MrBeast, an American YouTube star, philanthropist, and entrepreneur is MrBeast. Mr Beast is worth $25 million. He is known as the founder of YouTube philanthropic stunt videos. He is also the highest-paid YouTuber on the planet. He earned $24 Million in 2020 from his YouTube channel, merchandise and sponsorships with brands such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

Jimmy is reported to have invested the majority of his video earnings in video production. Up from $10,000 just a few years back, he now spends up to $300,000 on one video. His stunts often have a philanthropic aspect, such as giving money to strangers and adopting an entire shelter for rescue dogs.

According to SocialBlade YouTube analytics, MrBeast earns at least $3 million per month just from YouTube ads. This does not include deals with in-video brands.

His three main channels, MrBeast Shorts, Beast Reacts, and MrBeast have a total of 90+ million subscribers as of the time this article was written. This combined subscriber count makes MrBeast technically the most-subscribed US-based YouTube creator.

MrBeast Girlfriend

In June 2019, Jimmy began dating Maddy Spidell. They met via Twitter.

In a video entitled “Surprising my Girlfriend with 100,000 Roses for Valentine’s Day”, Maddy was named MrBeast’s girlfriend for the very first time. This video has been viewed more than 50,000,000 times as of writing. Maddy appeared in many more MrBeast videos, including “I Adopted EVERY dog in a shelter” and “I Spent 50 hours in solitary confinement.”

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