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Who Is Natasha Pavlovich, Joe Lara’s Daughter?

Natasha Pavlovich is the daughter of Joe Lara and Christian, who is an author and pastor Gwen Shamblin on August 18, 2018. Before they divorced, a daughter entered their lives. And now, as The Son of the Pink Panther star recounts the aftermath of the plane accident in The Way Down Season 2, fans inquire where this daughter she bore with Joe Lara is and what she has been doing. All of which have previously been mentioned. Who Is Natasha Pavlovich, Joe Lara’s Daughter?

Natasha Pavlovich, Joe Lara’s Daughter

According to HBO Max’s documentary, Natasha Pavlovich was never a member of the church herself. She claims she was connected to Remnant via Joe Lara. In 1984, when Natasha was 16 and Joe was around 21 years old, they met in an acting class. They dated on and off for many decades.

“When you see someone who is incredibly attractive and want to be with them, you instinctively push red flags away,” said Natasha looking back on their relationship. They had a daughter in 2010. The family then relocated to Nashville so that Joe could pursue his ambition of becoming a country music star. Natasha sees this as part of a bargain they made with each other.

Joe was required to pursue his music career until their child reached kindergarten, and if it didn’t work out by then, they would relocate to Chicago. However, Natasha claims that when the time finally came in 2015, Joe refused to go. He actually filed a police report claiming that their 4-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted by her mother. That’s right. Joe did so in order to keep custody of his kid.

Natasha, like Joe, is an American actress who has performed in prime-time national and international network television programs and films. She has been cast in many parts speaking Russian due to her ability to speak several languages. Joe Lara, the actor who played Tarzan’s father Leonid in the recent film The Legend of Tarzan, is merely her ex-fiancee because they were not married when he died.

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Where Is Natasha Pavlovich Now?

Natasha Pavlovich was concerned that Remnant church members might be filming her or tracking her, and she intended to relocate from her neighborhood when her daughter graduated from high school in May 2021, after hearing the news of the plane crash.

When the plane went down into Percy Priest Lake, Natasha thinks back to the hours spent on The Way Down worrying that her child had been on the plane with her father before it crashed. Fortunately, Natasha’s daughter wasn’t on the plane that day. So, yes. Their only child is healthy and very much alive, which is good news for Joe and Natasha.

Natasha Pavlovich Real Name

Liana Lara was named after a character in the film Gone with the Wind.

Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Age

On November 29, 2010, Natasha Pavlovich and Joe Lara welcomed their daughter. As a result, their child was born in 2021 and became 11 years old that year.

Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Custody

Joe Lara filed a police report soon after, and Natasha Pavlovich proceeded to fight for custody of her daughter. Natasha eventually decided to represent herself, having already spent $200,000 on attorneys.

Natasha Pavlovich Ethnicity

Natasha and Joe’s daughter is a descendant of Grand Duke Pavle Radenovic of Bosnia, whose parents are both from Native American Indian, Polish, and Spanish backgrounds.

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