Where Are Nate Jackson and Donna Roberts Now?


Nate and Donna Roberts are the murderers’ loved ones who shot Fingerhut. Nate and Donna Roberts are still in jail, waiting for their death sentences to be carried out; they were convicted of murder. Her divorced husband was murdered when she was having an affair with Nate Jackson, her younger partner.

The couple’s notoriety grew when it was discovered that they had planned and carried out the assassination of Robert Fingerhut. The Oxygen True Crime program followed a 2001 murder case with analysis into the killer. In addition, Donna is the only woman on Ohio’s death row. Where Are Nate Jackson and Donna Roberts Now?

Are Nate Jackson and Donna Roberts Still In Jail?

Yes, Nate and Donna Roberts are still incarcerated on death row. Fingerhut was murdered by this notorious pair in 2003. In the Tribune Chronicle, Donna is imprisoned at the Ohio Reformatory for Women, while her accomplice, Nate, is confined at Chillicothe Correctional Institution. Donna was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and complicity in aggravated murder.

Her ex-husband, Fingerhut, was murdered as part of her plot. Regardless of their business relationship’s conclusion, the ex-couple continued to live together. During the trial, it was revealed that Donna had corresponded with Nate while he was in jail. Donna began dating a younger man named Nate and exchanged letters with him while he was incarcerated.

He wrote “Rest In Piss,” implying the victim, Don’s ex-husband, in one of the letters. Regardless of whether they were re-tried or not, the murderer couple would continue to face death penalty sentencing.

Nate Jackson and Donna Roberts Execution

Nate and Donna Roberts are on Death Row, waiting for their sentence to be carried out for planning the murder of the victim. Donna was tried three times in the Ohio Supreme Court before being sentenced to death.

And each time, the judge has upheld her penalty and capital punishment. Nater served time in jail for aggravated burglary and robbery prior to becoming a model. Roberts was just about to be executed on August 12, 2020; however, she had yet to be sentenced again when this was written.

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Nate Jackson and Donna Roberts Case Update

The fate of Nate and Donna Roberts’ case is currently unresolved by the Ohio Supreme Court. They are being threatened with imprisonment for the premeditated murder allegations.

Their murder trial was featured in several publications, including Deadly Women, For My Man, and Snapped: Killer Couples, after they were charged with murdering their spouses. Even though they received numerous legal challenges, Donna and her lover, Nate, would still face the death penalty.

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